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Don't get in a hurry...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vinman, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    Ugh! Beautiful spot. Had my camera, light peeking through clouds after rainstorm (but still raining), waterfall, even had my tripod!

    Ran, no, sprinted down to the bottom of the falls (about a fifteen minute walk normally) in spitting rain. Had my co-worker in the car who is pretty long suffering...

    Got down there, took a few preliminary shots to check area exposures, wanted good, clean cotton candy like water movement, etc.

    Spun my backpack around (had just finished shooting some interior design wokd we had done) and heard a nice plastic-y bang. I knew the main compartment was zipped because I had just pulled out my camera. I was pretty sure it was the SB800. Took a split second to make sure I placed the camera in a stable location (wet rocks about 1/3 the way up a several hundred foot cascade), and looked around. Sure enough - debris field. Flash laying in about 1/4 inch of water with batteries, external battery holder, etc scattered about 20 feet below me. Since I was in a good spot, and the apparent damage had been done, I set up a shot, bracketed a few, and then scrambled down to clear the flash rubble. Good news, the flash hadn't gotten all that wet, but it WAS in water. Had trouble finding the lid from the external battery pack, but did manage to locate it. Stuck everything back in my bag. Recomposed another few shots. These promised to be good. A few minutes passed, so I took the SB800 back out, checked it for water, loaded up the batteries and switched it on - YES. All was well. Fill lit a nice little grotto and was getting nice exposures and good saturation. All in all, got about 30 shots in a total 5 minutes! Got back to the car and asked my cohort to drive so I could see what it all looked like. First thing I noticed - I was in such a hurry I left my @#$% camera bag in the field of view!! :Angry: Got back to the office, and loaded the pictures onto my computer. I thought "hmmm, that didn't take long..." Stuck my card back in my camera to reformat, and saw why...

    I had the quality set to jpg basic because the interior shots I had taken a little earlier were strictly for emailing a client.

    If I had turned a five minute session into a ten minute session so I could have taken my usual time to check everything, I wouldn't have wasted a great opportunity to get some lovely shots!

    Still, it was a fun outing. Sprinting down the trail, taking some pictures in the rain, throwing gear all over creation, lungs burning from the 3/4 mile sprint through mountain laurel back UP the waterfall to the car, NOT getting anything particularly usable, and most importantly - LEARNING THAT I STILL NEED TO TAKE MY TIME :tongue:

    I'm going to take my shoes off now so my feet can dry...
  2. Ouch

    Ouch... reminds me to triple check everything twice but I'll either forget the check the EV compensation or something else not too obvious like ... sheeesh I dunno I forgot...
  3. jcovert

    jcovert Guest

    I still forget stuff too no matter how hard I try! Aaarrrgggh! My number 1 priority from now on is to take more time to check things. Its hard when you have a model waiting!
  4. JessP7


    May 3, 2005
    North MS, USA
    There is always something that I forget about. A lot of times, I am like you and just don't take the time to think it through and make sure. Other times, I just don't have the time (I take a lot of pictures of my kids and they don't give you the time to check your camera for anything)!
  5. It seems that I'm always ready to start shooting away without checking the settings first. Amazing the flash survived! Glad it was only the flash and not the camera that hit the ground.

    Anybody got a jpg to raw converter?:biggrin:

  6. My worst is I shot something the night before in the house or something. Go out the next day, beautiful bright sunlight, got a bird in perfect position, click-click, wow I'm getting great shutterspeed..........ugh 800 ISO!!!!!
    Doh! :940: It happens way to often.
  7. Vinman: You must live a better life than I. I was not so lucky, in a similar situation. I was at the top of a waterfall when I saw that the nice cloud cover was starting to break, and I was looking at the liklihood of bright sunlight by the time that I got to the base of the falls. I had to rock hop across the stream to get to the trail leading to the base. Knowing that I most certainly must have completely zipped up the backpack, I snatched it from the ground and threw it over my shoulder, in preparation for running down the trail. As I did, I saw something fly threw the air. It was my camera, with lens attached. I was not lucky enough to have it just land in the water. First it bounced of the large boulders along the edge of the stream. I picked it up to see my nice B&W polarizer shattered. I feared the worst. I unscrewed the bent polarizer frame. For a moment, I seemed to have been lucky, as the glass looked fine; but, the focus ring was in two pieces. I fired it up and the camera seemed to work fine; but, the lens refused to focus. Though it was a lovely waterfall, I have yet to return. I guess that I should consider myself lucky as, two years later, the camera is still shooting away.

    Someday, I will feel brave enough to return, and finally get a shot of that waterfall.
  8. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    My one consistent screwup is the ISO thing. Luckily, shooting the D200, I seldom move it off 100. When I do, though, I too often forget to reset it.

    Cliff, next to dropping my entire kit in a lake, you lived through my worst fear. You should definitely go back to that waterfall - it owes you a few superb images!!

    I'm already planning an early morning assault on this falls again. I'll make a morning outing of it this time :) 
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