Double peony

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  1. Our other peony plant just came into bloom. This one has a different bloom with a mass of petals and a very heavy head. Unfortunately they don't seem to last very long in bloom. With this image I tried to capture the delicacy of the petals and subtle colour variations.

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  2. This is really lovely! You might want to correct your typo — the name of the flower is “peony”......plural being “peonies”.
  3. Thank you. Title corrected, I should have known that!!!
  4. Lovely shot, I love the delicate colors.
  5. Thank you. The colors are very subtle in these ones.
  6. Very nice coloration on this Peony.
  7. These are beautiful blooms, I wish they would last a little longer though.
  8. Bob Coutant

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    One of my favorites, but ours are all past their prime -- thank you for posting this lovely shot.
  9. Thank you and you're welcome.
  10. Lovely colors, a beautiful flower.
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