Down in the Gutter..

Jun 5, 2008
Thanks Bart.. I am sure the locals are begginning to talk about my choice of subjects..

When I took this I was aware that people where watching me like I was touched.. And perhaps if you can see things like this are..

It just a bunch of interesting things going for it..

First off . I like gutter covers.. One of my favorite new paper's photographer used to Carlos Omat..from the sun used to shoot them and had a bunch of really interesting shots of covers in his personal portfolio..

When I asked him why .. He was like.." I just like them" :tongue: Which is really the best answer ever..

And than there is the whole contrast on tones combined with the interesting shapes of the wetness..

I would interesting even if it was upside down and laterly reversed..

The best part is when I photograph this.. and than I will get back into my van.. And chimp for a bit.. :eek:. Grab a sip of Diet pepsie... And than get back out re-photograph it again...

This time I go right up to it with hesitation..

Ususally I ll just take one..

Than stand up and .. Nod..

Yup that's the one..

thinking :biggrin:"NAILED IT "

And than walk away and I am gone..

At this point, Iv seen many stand there with there mouths open.. in.. awe.. LOL

I am sure they go home and tell the story of the strange man they saw shooting wet cement.. Or garbage.. or them :wink:.

Oh well, I dont mind being entertainment.. hahah
So long as it's all smiles..

Jun 5, 2008
Thanks Stephen..

I remember seeing a interview with the Neil Peart of the band RUSH one time...

He said where not being pretenious .. where not pretending anything.. This is what we like to do and this is what we are into..

And I feel like that..

In truth worrying to much about what other folks think, about the manner or way your make your art, is a waist of time..

And for sure if you worry about that sort of thing your miss some great pictures..

Thanks for taking the time to comment..

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