Dragonfly in my Rosebusch

Discussion in 'Birds' started by andreasb, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Not sure if we call this a bird for the bird section but it does fly... Anyway beat me up on it if you want :smile:

    I walked out of the garage and almost walked into this large Dragonfly that sat on our climbing rose busch. I ran into the get the D3, 105mm VR and SB-800 and thought for sure that it would be gone. But it sat there nicely for several minutes while I fired away...

    So here goes:



    My favorite of the bunch...

  2. guc32


    Feb 23, 2008
    Santa Clara
    Wow great shots.
  3. Holmes


    Oct 28, 2006
    Wyoming, USA
    Excellent stuff - love the colour diversity!
  4. Wow those are some very sharp pictures there Andreas. How did you get it to sit still for you? They always fly away when I try. Very nice. Those are some fine roses also.
  5. Fantastic shots Andreas. I've yet to try my 105VR on the D3, looks like a sweet combination. You were fortunate in having the Dragonfly sit still as long as it did for you...very well done. I really like how the background roses are rendered in a soft OOF mood.
  6. Thank you

    Thank you I tried my best to get that, so thanks for the compliment
    Thanks Jim , I'll trya tripod next time and try how far up I can go with the Fstops before difraction rears it's ugly head...
    Thanks Louis, most lenses look good with a D3 behind, but the 105 VR does better then ont he D2X never liked it on the x....
  7. Great series Andréas I like number 3 the best as well :smile:


  8. cool shot Andreas, the last one looks good with the bg as it is.
  9. Gee, Andreas, couldn't you get some more wing detail????? :wink::biggrin::smile:

    These are grand. So nice that it sat so long for you. I wish some of the small birds would be so cooperative.