Drays Game... need some advice.



Hey all,

I was given tickets to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game for this Saturday. Really good seats too, about 3 rows up from the field behind the DRays dugout, closer to home plate.

Being in a dome (yuck!) with no natural light, is there some advice that any of you sport shooters can give me? I will be taking my D100, 70-200 VR, 50 1.8 and 1.4x TC for sure. I will most likely bring my 24-85 as well to get some wider angle stuff.

Should I use my flash or would it be a distraction to the players being that close to the field?

Other than keep my eyes open and watch for the errant foul balls being that close, anything else I should keep in mind or look for?

Thanks in Advance,
May 23, 2005
i wouldn't use a flash.

I think your lens choices are good, unless you have anythign longer you can bring.

Shoot at 1/2000+ to freeze the ball
1/800 to freeze the pitchers and batters in mid swing and
1/500 to freeze most everything else.


Thanks Twig,

Unfortunately, nothing longer than my 70-200 VR. The shutter speeds will be a great help so I am not having to play around in the beginning.

Thanks Lautermilch,

You did just as I did. As soon as I was given the tickets I logged into their web site and printed the rules. The bag and the lens length are the two important factors. They have a rule in there of no lens longer than 12". To be safe I measured the total length, camera and lens (70-200 VR), and it comes in at 11.5", though the lens alone is just under 9".

I printed the specs of the lens the rules to keep inside my bag incase security hassles me while entering. We are planning on going over early to catch batting practice too so hopefully I get some good shots.


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