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Dreamy Flash Flowers

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Kevin_d50, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all
    I had a go at creating a dreamy series using off camera flash today.
    The flash was tethered by way of SC-29 TTL cord, however, TTL was not used. Sorta negates the purpose of owning a TTL cord eh?

    The exposures were done in Manual mode, and the flash was set to manual mode too. Flash power was set between 1/64th and 1/16th on the SB-600. The ambient meter read completely off the scale as being ready for underexposure, but the flash really brought the exposures to life.
    The onboard wide angle flash diffuser of the SB-600 was used to soften the shadows.

    Using some tape on the hotshoe contacts I was able to bypass the flash x synch limit of 1/500s, which gave me some very fast shutters indeed.

    In all cases, the flash was set below and slightly off to the side of the flowers and shooting up into the petals.
    What I really liked about this process, and what added even more to the dreamy feeling for me, is the way the background ambient light came to life, causing the subjects to now be the traditionally unlit area of interest, contrasted by the brighter bkgds.

    The idea of focus not really being "there" is part of the dream feeling.
    Hope it works for someone else besides me.

    C&C is most welcomed. Questions too.

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  2. The third image is tops on my "wow" meter. I really like it!
  3. thank you Steven
  4. barnclos

    barnclos Guest

    Another vote for number 3 - the colour and "flatness" of the background make the shot.
  5. dreamy, as you say

    that 3rd one is my favorite, as well
  6. 1 - Very nice. I think the green OOF leaf between the two flowers is a bit distracting. I might clone it out if it were my image.
    2 - Very busy background. Think about cropping this one square around the flower.
    3 - Stunning!
  7. You have done it again Kevin..........I really like these......very unusual and just damn pretty to look at.
  8. husawis

    husawis Guest

    very well done Kevin - IMHO busy backgrounds require more visual "thought" and can be very dramatic - I like people telling me they had to look longer and closer to "fish-out" what was being shown - wouldn't change a thing
  9. thank you everyone, much obliged!
  10. Very much impressed by your flower shots !!!

    Although this is not my usual style of shooting, as i allways try (tried!) to favor DOF, these images makes me "re-think" it :smile: !

    Congrats !!!
  11. thanks J-P! Beautiful country you're from! I'm jealous :) 
  12. "a cheap D50, some antique glass, a broken eye, but always a smile"

    Perfect examples here of how the camera does not determine the quality, it's the eye behind the glass. Great stuff here.
  13. thanks Nathan :) 
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