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Jan 3, 2009
Austin Texas
Reconsidering my current external storage and backup methods....

I know that the Drobo system is basically a big RAID system -- where you can store files externally -- but can it also be used as backup for my PC as well ?

Thanks in advance
Feb 2, 2005
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Drobo is an automated storage robot. it takes ther drives you put in it and presents it to you as one drive, in my case it is K:, so when I save files to the K drive it automatically saves these files across the instelled drives so that there is redundancy and so you cant loose data if one drive fails. So youes you can use it as a backup to whatever you want to throw at it.

The way drobo works is that it formats the drives in your Drobo as a virtual volume, in my case the max size is 16 TB (yes tera byte) so as I add larger drives there is still room to expand. I have 4 two tb drives in there now which basically means that i get 5.4 TB storage space out of the 8 GB. As 4 GB drives become available i can then add a 4 GB drive at a time to upgrade it all the way to a max of 16 TB in my case.

It is an elegant and very well made system, wish I had bought it sooner. Over USB it gets a bit slow, I havwe ordered a Firewire 800 card for my Drobo I bought it used, but if you are buying a new one I recommend you go for as fast as a connection as you can ESATA preferrably.

I Intend to use it as follows:

I have a fast ESATA drive outside of my computer in one of these types of dock enclosures: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4323601&CatId=2785 , when the folder is done and processed I copy that folder to the Drobo and I have it backed up over several harddrives in there. That way I can have performace during the main processing and safety in storage.
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May 7, 2005
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In answer to your question is yes you can use the Drobo for backup as well. I considered the Drobo for a while. I liked the idea of being able to mix and match disks of different sizes. Then I realized I would most likely never do this. I ended up getting a different Raid box for my setup for half the price and filled it with 4 1TB dives. This gives me 3TB of online storage.

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