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dropped camera, how to tell if its broken

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Fivestar_08, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. im down the shore (new jersey, usa) and a storm just passed through, so i went to the local pier to catch some photos of the storm/lightning leaving over the ocean. while there, i was adjusting my cheap, back-up tripod, and what do u know, it decided it could no longer hold my d90 and BAM! it hits the peir from about 4 feet in the air:mad: 

    i picked it up and heard a slight rattle, but decided to try a shot. it had jumped back into auto with the fall, but it focused, popped up the flash, and fired the shot. so i assume everything is ok?

    the rattle, i believe, is coming from my 18-105vr which i think took the most of the force from the fall, but it also seems like the pop up flash is a bit loose.

    now when it fell, i heard the power/force of it crashing onto the wood of the pier, but nothing popped or flew off. the battery grip stayed closed, memory card slot stayed closed, lens hood stayed attached, the only thing that was effected was the main setting dial which jumped back to auto. no marks, scuffs, or dents.

    is there any other test i could administer to make sure everything in its original working manor?

    im thinking about sending it into nikon for a check up, but with fall sports starting up i need my camera in the next couple weeks, but dont want to run into a problem then.

    maybe all this happened because i was comparing the d300s to the d90 just before i went to get a picture of the storm?:rolleyes: 

    oh, and of the few shots that i got before the dropping of my camera, i didnt get one good shot!:frown:
  2. GH41


    Nov 18, 2008
    Id try it with another lens before I got to excited. I would be surprised if that lens did not get damaged if it landed on the lens. The good news is the 18-105 is not expensive to buy used. They run 2-225 used. GH
  3. The only way to know is to send the camera and lens to Nikon Service in Melvill, NY. Further use has a potential of worsening the damage...
  4. yea, not to worried about the lens, it wouldnt be to big of a deal if it was damaged at all. im more worried about the body being that its my main body for shooting.
  5. McGunnigle


    Jul 13, 2009
    hope there is nothing too terrible wrong with it. let us know.

    And just for us out here... what kind of Tripod were you using?
  6. ^^^i believe it was a targus (spelling?) it was givin to me as a present when i first got into photography, it was a bundle w/some other gear. i keep it in my trunk for spur of the moment shoots (will not longer use it tho, haha)

    also, i think im going to send it in to be check, my d90, but while its in the shop, i may pick up a 2nd body (been wanting to do this for the past month or so now) but im on the fence, should i grab another d90, or upgrade to the d300s?

    im being pulled in by the 7+ fps on the 300s (i shoot mainly sports) compared to the 90's 4.5 fps. i know i could grab a used d300 and get the 7+ fps, but its just how i am to have the most updated piece of equipment.

    so any opinions?

    d300s or d90 as a 2nd body (obviously d300s would be come my main body and the broken d90 would be back up, if i was to get the d300s)
  7. Ouch...... sorry to hear..... Yesterday my D300 fell of the table when I accidentally pull the PC cable.... I got it on the air before it hit the floor.....

    Good Luck
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