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Dropped camera!!!

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by e2blade, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. e2blade


    Jul 24, 2008
    Peoria, AZ
    Well, i know im the one to blame, but a kid left my D200 with a 70 200 lens on top of his car, we drove off. You can take it from there.
    The lens doesnt have a scratch on it, but the hood got owned and so did the right side of the camera, there are starches but nothing gross. but the major damage obviously is inside.

    it doesnt turn off and the mode and exposure buttons dont work. before i take i to the shop, is this gonna cost me a arm in a leg.
  2. I don't understand what 'got owned' means. Struck the ground?
  3. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Ouch............doesn't sound good to me!!! You might be able to find a D200 or D300 here probably for a reasonable price if it might not be worth fixing. To bad they don't make air bags for camera's (who knows may be one day!)
  4. I think he means that they were dinged up pretty badly.
  5. Yeah - it'll probably cost a handful of bills because you'll probably have to fix the 70-200 and definitely the D200. You could always send it to Nikon and have them give you an estimate too...
  6. Sorry about this mishap. Do you have insurance? I know in hindsight this might be a nobrainer, but you only really think of it after an accident or theft. My insurance for about $7000 of equipment runs around $90 for the year.
  7. I dropped my D300 in the spring, damaged the top, and jammed the reveiw button so nothing including the menu worked. Nikon repaired it for me for a little over $200 and it looks and works like new. I'd give them a try...ask for an estimate and act accordingly.
  8. e2blade


    Jul 24, 2008
    Peoria, AZ
    hmm that sounds reasonable. the 70 200 is fine, the hood took almost 90% of the damage. i just ordered a new one yesterday, it just sucks that its stuck in program mode
  9. Cyanide

    Cyanide Guest

    It would possibly be worth still sending the 70-200 in for a check up, even if you do think it's survived ok.... I had a couple of lenses tumble out of an open zip and I very nearly didn't send the 20mm in, as it seemed to be working OK.... glad I did as there was in fact a fault with it that I hadn't picked up.
  10. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

    is it the kids falt because he was driving or he put your camera on the car?ultimatly its your fault i guess.what a frikkin catastropy.id be sick.
  11. It's time for a new hood and a D300. :smile:
  12. If you look closly, you might find that one of the dings is pushing a button down, and that freeing it will unlock the functions. Don't go crazy, but you might be able to help the situ a bit, at least to buy a little time to line up a loaner before you send it in...

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