[Drops] Ext Tubes

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Kevin_d50, May 25, 2007.

  1. These taken with a non macro lens - the old kit lens from the Nikon F501/N2002 and using $160 extension tubes for increased magnification.

    Some background distractions cloned out here - wanted the leaf offset against a black background.





    PP just the normal run o the mill Levels, curves, sharpening.
  2. Hello Kevin!

    I like 1st one a lot!
  3. All very nice. First and second the best IMO.
  4. Kevin,

    I really like all of them, but the second one is spectacular!! Your title was very clever too! :wink:
  5. All very cool I have to try these. I really like number one cause it just looks awesome.
  6. Fantastic, Kevin

    I like them all, especially the water droplets.

    I was thinking about extension tubes, and may now have to give them a go!
  7. Hi Jukka! nice to hear from you again :)
    thanks a lot for checking in
  8. kind of you alex
  9. allrighty then, cheers crystall
  10. By all means get yourself some Mark - it changes mundane lenses into less mundane ones :)
  11. get yourself some joe, quite worthwhile they are :)
  12. bobarue


    Aug 9, 2005
    These are really cool. Thanks for sharing!
  13. thanks bobarue !
  14. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    They are all really nice
    The purple and white is quite pretty.
    A rather different color than most
  15. Hi Gale, thanks indeed.
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