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Drunken Hollywood babes strike a pose! (D70 image)

Discussion in 'People' started by Jonathan F/2, May 28, 2005.

  1. So these drunk girls come up to me, and start having a drunken conversation with me. They eventually ask me to take their picture, after one of the girls start giving me hugs and kisses ( :p :p :p  8) ). Anyways, I oblige and got this rather interesting shot in my opinion. Anyways, it made my night!


    On a serious note, my D2H is in the shop so I'm shooting with the D70 and I gotta admit, I prefer the D70 image quality. It's much more sharper and richer. Honestly I like the enhanced saturation and sharpening modes on the D70. It's much more adjustable than the limited adjustments on the D2H. If they released the D70 sensor in an F6 body and called it a D200, I'd be happy and sell off my D2H in a heart beat.

    PS - I love being a paparazzo, and I know I can't convince you guys otherwise regarding my shooting ethics. I read an article about military snipers who think that shooting live targets is the biggest rush in the world, that's how I feel about shooting the people that I photograph regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Sharper & richer for a no PP option, right?

    You're probably using a custom tone curve too? I love this shot, but also happen to think (imnsho) it's over-saturated & just a bit too contrasty. Fine if you can't/won't do any post processing. Each to their own I guess. You have a pretty glamourous life Jonathon, esp compared to mine!
  3. AndyWoodward

    AndyWoodward Guest

    Hi Jonathan,

    Nice picture - I bet they were having a good time :D 

    As to your point on the D70 image quality, I am afraid I have the exact opposite opinion!! My experience of the D70 was that the focusing system was nowhere near as accurate as the D2H and therefore my images were never as sharp and crisp. I have also found that there is more contrast out of the D2H and that the colours are more to my taste.

    They are different, I agree with you there, and it probably comes down to which you prefer.

    Great shots Jonathan,

  4. Simon


    Apr 30, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Sorry mate but I dont find this image too pleasing in colours. Browns are all burnt and saturation looks wrong.

    I shoot D2H / SB800 and get really pleasing results from skin and saturation.

  5. Robear

    Robear Guest

    I like it . . .

    Personally, I like the pic. The subject matter is pretty interesting too (and for more reasons than you might think!)

    Girl one: Happy and vivacious
    Girl two: Sultry and sexy
    Girl three: Slightly serious and introspective

    Even though the girls are very different looking, you could look at this picture as three sides of a single girl's personality.

    Now, for a more interesting question. For you guys out there... if you were single, which girl would be the one that attracts you the most? For me, it would be #3.

  6. It's a tough job, but you handled it well :) .

    Shocking. First your friend gets attacked, and now you. I hope you had your pepper spray at the ready ;) .

    Btw, which one bestowed the kisses? I'm guessing the one on the left...
  7. Reminds me of "Sex and the City" :D  !
    Like it !!!!!
  8. well I shoot for magazines, so I like seeing punchy colors versus neutral tones. The more saturated and contrasty the better! :wink:
  9. Yes, it was the left one! Good guess Uncle Frank! :) 

    I'm beat, I haven't gone to sleep yet and it's 9 am here i LA, I got so many photos I'm pushing out to all my clients! Ugggh!
  10. I like the "punchy" contrast and colors in this shot, did you change any of the default Image Optimization settings in the D70 or use a Custom Curve? If so which one?

    BTW, I'd pick the middle girl...

    Paul :lol:
  11. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Ms kissy-huggy there on the left has quite a set of choppers! Like Paul, I'd rather have batchlorette #2 chomping on me! ;) 

    Great shot Jonathan. Keep up the good work, I'd be bored in the supermerket line if it weren't for the work of you and your brethren. (And it's good to see such a thankless job has it's perks.)
  12. Thanks Chris, I actually hate most my fellow associates. They're all a bunch of jerks. Honestly, I'm as nice as they get! :p 
  13. Since the tone has been changed regarding the topic of this thread I'll jump right in and say that girl number 3 is my choice.

    As for the picture - well - It's fine.
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