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  1. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Yikes! Oh, my eyes! No Cuteness Alert on this????

    Fred (it is Fred, right?), this is too darn adorable and you shot him perfectly. He looks like butter to me and makes me think of a nice puff pastry and a glass of red Zin.
  2. I could melt in the cuteness. Really nice job with this one. Cute duckling.
  3. Thanks Pia!
    He is pretty cute, isn't he.
  4. Thanks Amber!
  5. :eek::biggrin::eek::biggrin:Cute alert! I'm a sucker for cuties like this one! Awsome shooting!
  6. Great Shooting Fred, Extra points for Cute!!
  7. Thanks Dianne!
    Thanks Gary! He sure wasn'y scared of me.