Dusk on the Connecticut River

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  1. I shot these in Deep River, CT, where a hot summer day cooled down to a gorgeous evening.

    Riverboat "Becky Thatcher" shot with 50mm f1.4

    50mm f1.4

    Sigma 10-20

    Comments & Critique are most welcome! Thanks for looking, too.
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  2. Nice Pictures

    Hi Fred

    I was there about a month ago and I think that you captured the mood of the river very nicely. I was expecting to see some pictures of the East Haddam swing bridge, the opera house, Gillette Castle and the steam train.

    Are you mistaken about the lenses used in the photos? Did you use a 50mm lens for the first two?

  3. Debbi

    Debbi Guest

    The dock in the first pic perfectly leads you into the scene allowing my eyes to seek out all of the details. Nicely done.

    I really like the sunset colors of the second. I might crop it so the boat isn't in the middle of the frame, but just imho.
  4. Good catch, Dave; I edited my post with the correct lenses. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Debbi, I'm a fan of off center subjects in crops but just kinda felt my way through this one, not really thinking it through. Something like that :smile:
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