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DxO PhotoLab 2

Discussion in 'Other Raw Processors' started by Pa, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. This is a new version apparently just released today.

    New features are described in the linked web page. They include:







    The Photolibrary is apparently some sort of cataloguing feature. Details on all the enhancements and new features are sketchy. There is a discount for upgrading from a previous version.
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  2. Wow! That is a really nice update. It really makes one think about that Adobe subscription.
  3. Except that I have already paid about $150 for the “Elite” version and the upgrade is an additional $70. That’s two years of Adobe.
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  4. And how long before Photolab 3 and another upgrade fee? And will that fee always be $70 or will it increase. I guess if you always want to have the latest versions, maybe the subscription makes sense.
  5. Bought and installed it today when I got the email. DxO is a much used asset for what I do.
  6. I like the last version, but the u-point stuff drives me nuts. It does work, like magic really, but takes me a lot of mouse wiggle and click fiddling.
  7. From the linked web page:
    The PhotoLibrary makes sorting and organizing images a cinch. Instantly locate the photos you’re searching for thanks to the dynamic interpretation search function, which suggests relevant results on the fly.

    Keyword search and other features designed to boost your searches will soon be added via free software updates.​
  8. I am going to give it a try as it does seems like it could be a very good alternative software option along with some nice features.
  9. I only use their NR SW so I see no need to upgrade.
    IMO the Prime NR SW is simply amazing and very easy to use with LR
  10. Randy, I was thinking the same about the Prime NR Software as I tend to shoot a lot of indoor concerts now, no issue with the D5 but as I am thinking of getting the D850 now.....I feel its worth trying.
  11. When I pass 6400 and it's an important shot I will clean D5 files in Dx0
    Other than the fact that it cleans noise but stays away from faces and feathers it requires NO selections or options, you just run it. It is a pig on the CPU though and only runs in batch on the way to sending the file back to LR. The pass from LR passes a NEF, not a TIFF, this appears to be the beginning of their magic. I'm not aware of any other sw that gets a NEF passed from LR. NIK, Photomatix, etc all get a TIFF.

    BTW the D850 IMO is barely better than the D500 in the noise dept, both really suck compared to the D5
  12. Randy, thanks for your reply.

    I have to say that I am not a big fan of using the D500 for concerts and if you say that the D850 might not be better then the D500 then maybe I should just keep the kit I already have and shoot only with the D5/D750 set up and use DXO when I feel the need to tweak the image with DXO Prime.

  13. I am very careful when to shoot my D850
    At lower iso the D850 is the better camera but that changes quickly around iso 800 and the difference becomes huge at 1600 and above.
    The other issue is AF, the D5’s AF kills the D850
  14. I have DXO PL and really like it, but it's definitely not a one-stop-shop solution, for a couple reasons:
    • No way to stitch panoramas like you can in LR (I still use my standalone copy of LR6 for this)
    • No way to merge bracketed exposures like you can in LR (I still use my standalone copy of LR6 for this)
    • It seems as if they STILL haven't implemented a graduated radial filter. I used this ALL THE TIME in LR for subtly drawing the viewers eye to the intended subject
    In addition to these areas that are still missing, I really don't see a huge reason to upgrade to PL2. In looking on the site, there's not a whole lot that jumps out at me as really being "new" and enticing me to upgrade.
  15. I tried the trial of the original DXO Photolab but it was too sluggish to be usable on my i7 iMac, especially when using u-point tools. The Prime NR was amazing to be sure, but I decided to stick with CO. Is the new DXO Photolab any faster?
  16. One of the touted features of the new version is:

  17. I think speed is relative to what machine you are using. I don't find DxO slow at all, but I am using an overclocked 10 core/20 thread processor. It takes about 30 seconds to run 8-10 images through DxO's Prime NR as DxO will use ALL cores/threads to process an image. That is something I was hoping for with the CC 2019 release, but unfortunately, Adobe doesn't make use of more than one processor core.
  18. Thanks -- that's a lot of horsepower you have...not exactly a typical situation I think.
  19. Does dynamic interpretation include something like the old Picassa's face recognition ? That may make it worth the upgrade price to me.
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