E-type lenses. New to me, what's the upside?

Feb 2, 2005
There is a lens I'm lusting for - the 8-15 zoom. I've had a gazillion fisheye lenses, but the only one I have now is an Olioclip fishere/10x-macro set, where the outer element comes off, and the circular (8mm equivalent) fisheye clip-on lens for my phone becomes a super-closeup. The closeup is meh, but the fish is supercool, especially when coupled with the appropriate Hipstamatic lens and film. But I crave a full format fisheye, and since I have an 850, AND because the circular fisheye images from Nikon (and the 35mm Hasselblad) pics from the 1960s inspired me to take up photography in the first place. So I'm considering the Nikon 8-15 f/3.5-4.5 E lens to (finally) scratch that itch..

I read on the Nikon website that the lens is incompatible with my D2x, (and D100 - which I haven't used in 12 years!), as well as all of my Nikon film cameras. Nikon, you disappoint me. Well, before I say that, is there any advantage to E lenses? As far as I can tell, AF-S was the last new technology not to diminish compatibility with my older cameras. G took away the manual aperture selection, but E - that just seems to cut out cameras. Why? If there is an upside, sell us on it (you're good at that!) Otherwise I may forgo my purchase of the 8-15 lens, and buy a cheap 8mm manual focus lens that can be used with all my cameras. Here's one that looks good, for 1/10th price of the Nikon. Nikon, sell me on your lens!

Does anyone here use this Nikon zoom fisheye lens? I want it, but it's a lot of money so is it worth it (is it sharp enough at f/3.5-4.5, low chromatic aberration, fast enough at f/3.5-4.5, well made, and electronic error free)? My money is burning a hole in my pocket, so I wanna know!

Thank you.

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