EAA Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Doodlebugger John, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I am new to the nikon cafe, but am wondering if any members will be attending the Experimental Aviation Association Airventure Convention in Wisconsin. It is an aviation buffs dream with airshows everyday for a week, from July 23-29.
    Anyway, I plan on attending for two or three days between the 24th to the 27th and would be interested in meeting anyone who may be there.
  2. sfaribault


    Feb 21, 2006
    I am looking at going up with my folks on the 28th..

  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    I'll be there with papa85 on Friday, July 27th. Wade (commodorefirst) will be there most of the week and Randy (GBRandy) may stop by on Friday as well.
  4. I went about 12 years in a row and got burnt out on it. Y'all have fun, it's a good show.
  5. It's been 12 years since I had the time to go, This year I am going to play hooky to get there. Hoping it will be a bit less crowded during the week.
    (If I can't make the show, how will I ever be able to build a plane.)
  6. joepilot


    Mar 21, 2007
    Richmond Va.
    I have aways wanted to go just the wrong time of the year for me .Been able to make Sun&Fun a couple of times . y'all have FUN take lots of pic's
  7. Would love to visit it again, but can't this year. I was in grad school in Appleton in '73 when the folks at my bride's office gave us tickets (she worked for Air Wisconsin). We had no idea what it was, but as poor grad students will do - try anything that's free.

    We were, of course, blown away - I've still got a few shots in my boxes somewhere - the introduction of the BD-5 jet was among them.

    Have fun!
  8. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    Been there every year for the last 10.

    Day 1 = General aviation booths with my dad
    Day 2 = Afternoon with the kids / friends & the airshow
    Day 3 = Early arrival with camera gear and running solo.
    Day 4 - lots of sunburn ointment & PP work in the A/C

    If you have never gone, you need to see it once. If nothing else for the amazing amount of diverse aircraft. Homebuilts to stealth bombers.
  9. If I was in Green Bay I probably would still be going! :smile:
  10. sfaribault


    Feb 21, 2006
    I am coming up on the 28th.. No one else wants to make the drive.. This will be the first time for me.. I have tried a few years in the past but was never able to make it.

    What lens would be good?? I have the 18-70 zoom, 70-300G, and a 170-500.
    None of them are fast.. Also I have a D70.

  11. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Steve, this will be the first time I am going to Oshkosh myself, so I cannot recommend from personal experience. But I am bringing two bodies and three lenses...28-70mm, 70-200mm and 300mm f/2.8. Since we are on the airport property, 300mm should be long enough. I would think that your 70-300mm lens has enough focal length to manage airborne displays.
  12. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Will be my 10th year, went from 77-83, and again from 2003-2007

    300mm is just fine, a 70-200 with 1.4 is great, 200-400 is perfect, and from the flightline a 17-70 or 35-50mm range is good.

    So I would bring your 17-70 and 70-300 and enjoy the show. I shot with a D70 in 2004 and 2005. no problems at all.

    My kit is 12-24 for display aircraft, 50mm or 35mm prime for along the taxiway, and the 200-400 for flight shots.

    I will be here:

    download the image file from my public folder.


    Red O marks where I shoot from during the airshows, Red X where I camp, (sleepy hollow campground) Blue is visitors parking and directions, green is the front Gate.

    however, I may leave Saturday to drive home, I will have been there all week.
  13. sfaribault


    Feb 21, 2006
    My second body just started the BGLOD. Darn.

  14. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
  15. jeremyInMT

    jeremyInMT Guest

    I lived in Appleton, WI, which is about 23 miles north of Oshkosh and went a lot as a kid. I'd bring what you have, plus something a little wider if you can get ahold of one. the airplanes are big and sometimes you have to get close to avoid lots and lots of people in the picture. You're really going to enjoy the experience. I'd bring a video camera as well, since there are some terrific stunt flyers as well.
  16. Make sure you have lots of water available. Watch out for the inevitable big T-Storm that blows through at least once every year. Take lots and lots and lots of memory cards! It is an experience like none other. My fav position in the whole airport is along runway next to the General Aviation plane camping and watch the inbounds :)
  17. I'm going on Sat. 28th. Sorry I'll miss you Frank! This will be my 4th or 5th trip in 7 years.
    Bringing my 17-50 2.8 & The Beast !
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