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Eagles from Cafe' gathering

Discussion in 'Birds' started by mike mac, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. Today Jim Strahean and Dave Watts and I went to the Conowingo dam to shoot some eagles... well the eagles were not as cooperative as we had hoped but I think we all managed a few keepers and even more important had a great time together. Jim and Dave are both first rates guys and it was a pleasure shooting with them. It was 18 degrees and windy when we arrived at around 7:30, Jim shot till 11:30 and hard to leave for a previously planned trip. Dave and I stayed till about 2:00 before calling quits. Well her are a few from today.
    You talking to me?
    It was a blustery day
    Smile for the camera
    Sitting pretty
    Cleaning his beak
    These next three are a feeding sequence, too bad I had to shoot into the sun and not be able to enjoy the wonderful light coming from the other direction.
    The first bite
    Now chew your food
    Down the hatch
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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Hey there Mike,
    Whats that tiny thing he is eating...lolol He is so big and that is so small.

    Great stuff. So beautiful and majestic. Can't really believe you shoot in those temps. OMG thats awful

    Got real pretty here today, I was very suprised.

    Our Eagle today was out in the north 40. :<((( So took what I could get.
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent series Mike. I love every one. Truly a magnificent animal. :smile:

    Hey Gale, if you don't shoot in those temps, then you don't shoot but 8 months a year. :rolleyes: 
  4. Mike you sure know how to get good eagle shots. These are all top notch. I would love any one of them. We had a nice outing today also, but we had no light. Every shot of mine was at ISO 800 or Hi 1.
  5. Gale It as rather a small morsel, these birds are just incredible to watch. Glad to hear your weather improved
  6. I like the full head of hair shown in the first photo. And we call them bald.
  7. Those first, third and last shots are just super!

    I guess we learned that slower water is better, eh? I'm going to start going down there during the week and see if conditions are any better with less people (and water...) around.
  8. Frank
    I am in awe every time I see/shoot these guys, it is so much fun sitting and watching and learning their habits. You now how it is it is only cold when you are waiting, which we did a lot yesterday but when you are shooting you could be in the tropic for all you know
  9. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I totally agree Mike. The last time I went over to our Eagle's nest, it was 24 degrees when I got there. You completely forget that though when these beauties fly. :smile:
  10. Wow.

    Speechless on how great these are, from a photography standpoint and from a sheer awe of the Bald Eagle.

    Do you use your D2X, 200-400VR with a TC for these? Handheld or supported? HSC or not? Sorry for the questions, feel free to ignore ;) 
  11. Jim
    We had great light for most of the day but the problem was no eagles... One of these days everything will fall into place
  12. Thanks for looking these are such majestic birds
  13. Jim
    Keep me posted I will be making another trip down here sooner or later
  14. Thanks so much these were with the D2X and the 200-400 VR with Nikon 1.4 tele shot in regular mode not crop mode. These were all shot on a Gitzo 1325 tripod with a Markins M20 head with Wimberly sidekick. It is a fantastic setup for sure
  15. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    And yet another great Eagle Post !!

    And this one with Food !!
  16. Thanks Ben, I hope to get out after them again if not I will have till wait until Feb down FLA
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