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Eagles I really like, (8 photos)

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Lou Buscher, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Well really I like all of the ones I watch but this pair (first nesting 2001) is kind of special. They will now be sending this pair of youngsters off into the world as their #13 & 14th. I have been able to get only partial band # on the female and I am sure she is a 1995 or 96 born bird.
    I viewed them from a long distance on Tuesday and just had such a great time watching in my telescope as I am about 700 feet away and most of the photos I did take were with the 500 + a 2X not your close photos but they tell me a story.
    Located in the rich bottomland where a river runs through with many trout and the dairy farm they live on grows all it’d feed for the year. First cutting in about a week and I may be able to get into a better position for some photos.
    If you were a fly fisherman this spot would send you spinning with joy. Anyway maybe in about 10 days those two up there will be making first flights and getting ready for a tough first few years.
    PS the extras of the RWBB I could not resist as I really liked it and the young Mergansers were swimming right toward me when Mom gave out a yell and the water erupted with younguns.

    1 Pop doing what he does best at a favorite roost.
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  2. 2 He moved to a different spot
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    3 Good old Mom in with a nice trout. (1000MM from 700 feet FF)
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    4 There about 9 weeks now (1000MM from 700 feet
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    5 I’m getting a little flyby after feeding from mom
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    6 Even from a long way she is beautiful
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  3. 7 look at the wild flowers with him
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    8 Mom is yelling at the little ones about me.
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  4. Nice series Lou, looks like a beautiful area to live in.
  5. Thanks BackDoctor yes it is a nice location and this spot is about a 90 minuet drive for me but very well worth it. I can check several other nests as I go . I try to set up a schedual with the gas prices of today.
  6. Very Nice Lou Some really nice In-flights
  7. Where was this series shot?
  8. Thanks Gary and she is a good distance but the light was perfect for these two as she made her bank. Yopu should see them at 60X in a telescope O boy why can'e we get photos like that? At about the 700 feet I can almost make a band #.
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Really super stuff Lou
  10. Hi Rick, well if I tell you the exact spot the DEC has to put a hit out on me but I can say this they are in Delaware County. A very long ways from Westchester. You see I do nest monitoring and photos for them. If your interested in more on the bringing the eagle back to N.Y. please visit my web and read Still Soaring. Thank you for looking.
  11. Aren't they a great looking pair of eagles Gale? Sometimes I watch them soar together as the area is all dairy farm and there are all open fields of hay and alfalfa, corn and beans and wheat so I can watch the two of them just like playing way up in the clouds. These birds are just born to fly and boy can they do it. I have over the years been so captivated by them I have stayed till almost dark, not taking photos but just watching them. Thank you for looking and I almost have my series on how to build an eagles nest done.:wink:
  12. Nice seires Lou. The third image is a super environment shot.


  13. This has to be fun!
  14. Thanks Jose Yes it sure is as I like to take some photos that are not just all eagle. I have one something like this from this nest last year I took with my 800MM from about 600 feet and it was used just for that reason in a magazine story about the eagle here in N.Y. making it's comeback.
  15. Thanks Dave, well for me it's a bit more than fun as this bird just makes me feel like I am seeing a special thing. I often think of the people that will never see a live bald eagle in the wild in their entire life and I feel sorry for them for they are truely missing the fun.
  16. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama
    Always a pleasure to view and read about your eagles Lou!
  17. Thanks Andy for the look. I have been working on a project for awhile now about building an eagles nest and I am almost finished and it required many photos so I am placeing them in a slide show for viewig. The work we did for a certain pair of birds is something I am very happy about and will remember all my life so I hope you get to look at it when I post it. Little more work to do.
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