Early fall road trip

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  1. Last weekend, my wife and I drove across Washington State to watch our son play some college water polo. Along the way, we traversed the Cascades over White Pass which offers some wonderful view of Mt Rainier.


    Not a lot of "colorful" fall foliage yet, but there was some.



    On the eastern slopes, we drove through some smoke from several nearby forest fires that continue to smolder.



    *Used a "new to me" film lens on this trip (24-85 f2.8D) attached to a D750 and I am quite pleased with the results. I have the "modern, digital, VR" version of this lens (24-85 f3.5) and have always liked it a lot as my primary "walk around" lens. But, the results from this older version looks a little different and I like the results a lot.


  2. The painterly effect of the second one and the back lighting and sense of height in the last one are just wonderful.
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  3. Hi Ken. My fav is #2 with exposure, composition and colors. A lovely scene. I also like the last image, adding some warmth to the sun rays might also work fine.
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  4. That is a pretty area that I have driven often. I like #2 the best; however, both #1 and 2 could be brightened up slightly IMHO. I got a kick out of #4 as mists like this are very common in that area. Like the light striations in #5.
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  5. Thanks so much Gordon ... if you click on them and see the versions on SmugMug they are a bit brighter. We were there pretty early in the morning and the dynamic range between dark areas around the lake and bright sky was pretty wide. If I had more time, I should have tried an HDR series. I took some of my wife and had to use fill flash to even see her face and the mountain at the same time!!

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