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Early morning spider

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by vincebeus, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. This morning my mother took the D2X out of the camerabag because she thought lets make a photo of a spider. She saw the tiny lens on the D2X and she was thinking should i change the lens or not. She choose not to change the lens she was afraid she would do something wrong to it.

    So she went outside with the d2x and the AF 24mm F/2.8D she came back with this result. It is a crop of the original photo. Any comments, critiques or replies are welcome.

  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Go MOM..
    Thats a great image :>)))

  3. Thanks for the reply my mom will be happy when i tell her.

  4. Hey Vince, you should turn your mother loose with the camera more often. This is a WOW shot for sure. Tell her well done. I like the clinging dew drops on the web.
  5. Super lovely pattern and a spider in the center as a bonus.
  6. wow Vince! where wereyou while all this was happening? Tell her she is a natural and should feel free to use it any time :^)
  7. She is loose put on a big lens on the camera and you see her shoot photo's like a real paparazzi photographer she only got eyes for making photo's. She don't listen anymore she don't take notice of her family no more. She is on the lookout for nice images. But she have made some impressing photo's from flowers and bugs and some candid photo's from her grandchildren and friends.

    She still amazes me everytime.

    Thanks for the kind replies i will let her know. And the camera is ready in few hours she goes out with the 60mm F/2.8 if the weather is ok.


  8. mmm must i really tell. Ok i will tell i was in dreamland nicely warm in my bed. I got up few hours later then she told me that she took some photo's. So i thought ok lets see what she made of it this time. Because i thought shooting a spider with 24mm lens can't result in good image. But as i saw later what can i say. She can allways take the D2X or the D70 with her. But she will take the D2X faster then the D70.

    I think it got to do with the viewfinder the D2X gives her better and bigger view on what she going to shoot. The D70 is great camera but lacks in viewfinder view. I can remember that i gone to buy a 80-200mm F/2.8 AFS lens she said it is that you can buy it for good price but all these lenses. Then when i came home and just had put on the big lens on the camera she was like wow what is that. And she took the camera and gone outside in the garden to shoot flowers.

    So if i would say don't take the camera she will laugh and say you have to wait.

  9. I noticed this year are many spiders in the trees and bushes. Like last year there where so many dragonflies. Or maybe because i notice it more because of the photography (macro).

    But i bet she won't taken the shot without the spider. She will have kept on looking for a new web with a spider.

    Hopefully she can achieve some more good results tomorrow if the weather is ok and with the 60mm F/2.8 because now i can print for cheap big prints at my lab where i allways let my photo's be printed. So that is a good oppertunity for me.

    And i still have a Tokina 12-24mm F/4 lens for testing that i go test this saterday and i keep my fingers crossed for not to dull skies. Hopefully blue skies with some clouds allways nice. So i can make some prints of wide shots.

    Thanks for all your warm replies for my mothers photo. I bet she will smile alot when i tell her that her photo was good work.

    And if somebody wants to know sure i am a little bit jealouse i would have loved that the shot was mine. Because i don't have such a shot yet with the dew on the web and the spider. And i thought i had good photo last time of a spider but was bit OOF. :D epressed

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