Earth from above

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  1. Jez


    Jun 22, 2005
    Great site!

    I read an interview with this guy last year - he basically hires a helicopter and flys around, snapping away.

    There's probably more to it than that ( :wink: ) but it's not a bad way to earn a living, eh?!!
  2. One of the most famous, actually :D
  3. NB23 have you seen his autumn color in Canada, if i am not mistaken they were made in the Charlevoix region.
  4. I just spent the whole afrernoon yesterday walking thru the Yann Artus-Bertrand world touring exibition, wich is now in Geneva until october !

    It's in a nice shady park, (we need it as the temperature these last days reach 94 degrees Farenheit), next to the Geneva University, and it fills the whole central alley, about 400 yards long, with huge pics accompanied by very interesting comments about the earth and the way we've been distroying it during the last 50 years... Really breathtaking !!! It took me 3 hours to complete the tour of the exibition, reading all the texts...

    Here's a snapshot to show you how it looks like:
    Fuji S2 with Tamron 28-75 @ 28 mm. - 1:45 @ f/5.6 handheld - ISO 200 - RAW

    BTW, here's the URL of the exibition:

    Have a good week-end !

  5. I bought the book on the weekend, there are outstanding pictures in it the only drawback is the book weight about 10-15 pounds. The quality of the paper is super excellent very thick pages.
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