Eastern Sierra Panorama

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  1. Here is something I have been messing around with since going digital. I started trying to shoot panoramas.

    This is a 6 image stitch from October 2005 in the Eastern Sierra.

    I use a program called Panorama Factory which seems to work pretty well

    Comments and Critiques Welcome

    You can also check out other panoramas I have made at the following

  2. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    It looks pretty good, did you use a pol filter? I think I see stitch lines in the sky, differences in tonal values of the blue. It could be from a pol filter, if not, I would think that switching to manual exposure and just shooting everything at the same settings might be able to eliminate the effect.
  3. Don't think I used a polarizer on this pano. Shot all images in manual after setting the exposure for the first image... All images were shot with the same exposure settings... Also processed the same way from RAW files...




    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi DesertRat.

    Very nice panorama. Love the colors and compostion. The others on your website are equally nice.

    Thanks for posting


  5. Looks great to me. I haven't tried doing a panorama shot but looking at yours makes me want to try.
  6. Robert and Irene,

    Sorry for the late reply.. Thanks for yoru coments..
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