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Eastern Washington with Chip and the Redtails

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, May 4, 2007.

  1. "Chip and the Redtails", ought to be some sort of musical group, eh?

    These were a real bonus and a surprise for me, I sure am glad that Chip spotted them when he did.

    As I was processing these, I noticed what I thought were some intersting color casts from the light filtration and direction, I would like to know what you think, if anything looks just a touch "off".




  2. Chip


    Oct 13, 2005
    I like "Barney and the ticks" better.:biggrin:

    Ahh the hawks. Nice job. The third with the mouth open turned out great eh?

    I have a green cast to the underneath side of the wings too. I believe its the grass and trees reflecting back under the wings. Being we were so close to them and they were so close to the ground and trees, me thinks that is what it is.
  3. JWEAR


    Jun 26, 2005
    I think I can help you with this one ---having shot with Chip it was more than likely his refection green with envy :biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. JohnK


    Aug 6, 2006
    Pacific NW
    Washington - where moss even grows on the birds! :biggrin:

    Nice shots Bill, amazing lens too - 950mm? How do you manage to capture these birds off a tripod, or do you use something else to support it?
  5. Great shots Bill.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    G.R..E..E..N Cast Bill :>)))))

    Beautiful shots
  7. A second rendition of one image

    Well, I have explained this over and over again, but just for you I'll do it again :wink: :wink:, this is called Nikon Math, pay close attention:

    These were shot with the 400mm f2.8 plus a 1.7 TC. As we all know, the TC multiplies based on the same Math we were all taught and reports such to EXIF, correct?

    400 * 1.4 = 560 f4
    400 * 1.7 = 680 f4.8
    400 * 2.0 = 800 f5.6
    400 * 1.4 * 2.0 = 1120 f8

    All the above combos will also auto-focus, stacking requires a slight mod to the TC's. Oh, wait, you don't see 950 anywhere in there you say???? Hmmmm, more Nikon Math, in order of timeline when they were made, sorry I don't know the years.

    400mm f2.8 AFS-I
    400mm F2.8 AFS-II

    Nikon, in their infinite wisdom, has told me they have no intention of upgrading the firmware in the AFS-I version of the 400 f2.8 so that 400 *1.7 = 680 rather than 950. If you can figure out how they get 950, I'll buy you a cup of coffee, or a beer, or even a shot of Single-Malt :biggrin:

    The good news in all this is that metering is correct, and somehow so is the F-stop. Weird, eh?

    Gale, see Chip's comments as well, looks like it was reflection and filtered light. Here is a second rendition of one of them, does it look better?


    Thanks, all.
  8. I too noticed a bit of a green cast, but super shots Bill.

  9. Wow! That last shot is quite dramatic. I have version I of the 400 2.8, and it too records 950mm with the 1.7. I just figured it was an extra boost Nikon built in but didn't tell us about.

    The yellow/green hue is distracting, even if it is natural. Otherwise this is a great series.
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