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EBay Is My Curse!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Gary Mayo, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    It has been 24 hours and I have not been on eBay.

    In that time I have downed a 44 oz pop (mt. dew no less) 10 tacos, one mini pizza, several bottles of juice, a couple of honey nut bars and I even cried myself to sleep in the fetal position. When I woke, I was hot and sweaty and my eyes were all full of throbbing veins!

    At work again, I cannot take it anymore, I am off to eBay. I will try to just get a lens hood, or maybe a lens bag. Nothing big, I just NEED my eBay fix!!
  2. Gary, put down the mouse and step away from the computer. Grab your D3 and go do some shooting! You have EVERYTHING you need already!

    BTW MT DEW ! :biggrin:
  3. It sounds like you need a 12 step program to keep eBay at bay. Whatever you do, don't take the 12 step program on line!

  4. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Gary, do they sell insulin on eBay?
  5. thrdprophet


    May 13, 2007
    Modesto, CA
    One way to get an eBay fix is,

    By something from someone on eBay for a good chunk of change say more than 1000 bucks. The seller will only accept Western Union Money, lives in South Africa has 100% feedback but has been on eBay less than 3 months.

    Smells like scam, but you buy the item anyways...

    So when you get gipped from that purchase and try to pursue your money back and don't get anything and can't even contact the seller... I'd be hard press to go back on eBay for a while.

    1000 bucks is a lot cheaper than a mental doctor.
  6. photolizard


    Mar 22, 2008
    Hello, I'm ________ and I have a problem. It's the first step, man. I don't spend the money you do on my teacher's salary, plus I have been burned on the last 3 lenses I bought, and I STILL can't stay off!! Are you ready??
  7. Or buy a 200-400vr for someone who was also selling a D2x, 70-200vr and 28-70 (this was over a year ago). The auction seemed perfectly normal and the seller had been around for years and had sold camera stuff before. Well, can you guess what happened? I got a couple emails but no 200-400vr. I contacted the other winners and they didn't get their stuff either. Eventually the credit card company gave me my money back but I gave up ebay cold turkey and don't miss it.
  8. At least he can get his fix on ebay, and it is a lot more productive than the guy who throws the same amount of cash into a slot machine.
  9. Micky


    Feb 29, 2008
    I thought I had too much stuff, then Gary came along.

    I have never purchased camera equipment from eBay...
  10. johnmh


    Nov 21, 2007
    Greater NYC
    I've gotten a few good deals from eBay but you have to be truly paranoid...

    You want someone with a history of selling photo gear with good feedback. Any 'one-off' sales of high end gear are RED FLAGS..... one guy seems to specialize in hijacking Canadian accounts and putting up VERY attractive auctions for $1100 -'Pay it Now" only, hoping to sucker in someone before his auctions get pulled. They often go up late at night.... somehow I doubt you'll have someone selling TWO 500mm AF-S lenses along with kids clothes or old games.....

    But - warnings aside, I got a nice 24-85 2.8-4 brand new from a photo shop going out of business - reciept and warranty even...... gotten battery grips from Hong Kong stores for the D70 and D50..... Have gotten other moderately priced lenses there but prefer KEH, B&H and more formal sellers for high end purchases. My 200-400 was used at B&H - when you couldn't find a new one anywhere. Have gotten a few from KEH as well.
  11. dem86

    dem86 Guest

    I am still new here, but I know that YOU have too many toys.....

    hmmmm, i'm starting to sound like my wife.... :eek: 
  12. If you like ebay, stay off of Craigslist....ooopssss. Sorry for the idea!
  13. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    Craigs list in my area is kind of a dud. Not much going on.
  14. Yikes! Never heard anything like that before - sorry to hear about your ordeal :frown:

    I usually check feedback meticulously and so far have not been dinged, but that's what you did, too... Good thing you paid by credit card. I usually pay by PayPal direct transfer, but then there even less chance that you get your money back... Maybe it's time for me to use my credit card for purchases, too.

    Thanks for sharing that story, and good to hear you got your money back!


  15. Do a search trying to find an organization called Anonymous EBayaholics and join them immediately !:eek: 

    D300, D200, MB-D10 and MB-200
    Primes: 10,5 2.8 fisheye, 50D 1.4, Tokina 100 AT-X
    Zoom : 12-24 (Nikkor),17-55 2.8, 18-200VR and 70-200VR
    SB-800, TC Kenko Pro300 1.4, Manfrotto 190MF4+804RC Head

  16. There is no doubt Ebay can be an addiction. No words of wisdom. Sorry for the short post, but I have to go check my bids. :biggrin:
  17. Its easy really

    In IE, you use tools/options/security - click on restricted sites and then add www.ebay.com tothe list of dissalowed sites.

    Problem solved.

    Now - shoes on, coat on, hat on, grab camera and go outside - lets see what you can do with all that stuff.......
  18. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    I always get the jitters on e-play purchases. So, I've done most my buying here, but this saga seems all to familiar to me. I can't really tell you why... hmmmm...

    Maybe it has something to do with my transaction total being among the highest here. Well, especially if you add in all the non-feedback transactions that we just let it slip through early on before the system was developed or we just forgot to do the transactions prior to totals being displayed.
  19. I have bought a few things from Ebay, but Gary- lay down the Nikon drugs! Go out and shoot! I'd recommend you stop buying equipment you will rarely use (translation: give some of us a chance), unless your sole purpose is collecting :smile:
  20. Gary I think you are addicted to the Nikon Cafe too! You have over 1000 posts since becoming active in the middle of May (you stated you joined earlier, but just recently began posting) Something like 15-20 posts a day! :eek: :biggrin:
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