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Ebay shopping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamesd3rd, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. jamesd3rd


    May 4, 2007
    So. Cal
    This is something I've wondered about when it comes to buying on e-bay. Why would someone spend almost the same money for a used item that is no longer in production when they could spend almost the same amount and get something brand new with a warranty? I'm not talking about some rare hard to find item that might add sentimental value.

    For example, I saw a AF-S 80-200 f/2.8 that's currently at $1300. That makes no sense to me when you can get a new AF-S 70-200 f/2.8 VR for a few hundred dollars more AND a warranty on top of that. The extra range and VR would make it worthwhile. I know maybe a few hundred might be a lot for some but when buying optics of that level, if you're going to quibble over a few hundred, maybe one ought not to be spending the money in the first place. When you add the fact that the bidding doesn't end for another day and you know it's not going to stop at $1300, it makes even less sense.

    I attribute that to bidding fever. To me E-bay has been about getting bargains. I have to hand it to the seller though. If they can unload an item for almost the cost of a new one that's more advanced more power to them. I'd like to think I'm a wiser shopper though.
  2. Well, I kind of disagree really.
    I got my New Nikon D40 and kit lens, for £290.
    A spare battery fro £4.50,
    A tamron 55-200mm fro £57,
    A bag for £14,
    A 2gb SD Card for £6,
    And have allways been happy with my purchases, and will continue doing so.
    But I can see your point about a used lens, as apposed to a new one, I suppose its all on the buyers' opinion, and I respect yours and eyeryone elses, if anyone wants to spend more $s for the same lens, BUT new, and with a warranty, its up to them, and let them do so, on the other hand, if they want to spend a bit less, and get a used one, again no problem.
    *EDIT* That just sounded perfectly useless, but still.
  3. Hi James,

    I agree with you. I have gotten some good bargains on E-bay, but as you say they are tough to find because bidders seem to bid an unbelievable amount of money for items and to sellers that are basically anonymous; I don't understand it either.... However, I have been quite happy selling items that I would take a beating on in trade or unable to sell locally. In this case E-Bay's worldwide audience is a blessing.

  4. Don't forget that U.S. prices are much lower than elsewhere. For Europeans, $1300 for a used 80-200 AF-S might still be a good deal!


  5. Yeah, agrreed Mike, I like to buy from USA, (im from UK) because I could pay the same amount BUT in GBP, insetad of USD, crazy.
    But then again, some American sellers, have ridiculous shipping prices!
    It all works out in the end.
  6. jamesd3rd


    May 4, 2007
    So. Cal

    Good point, I had not considered that. Damn that free enterprise system :biggrin:

    I try to stick to much smaller items. Primarily stuff that like accessories that have a 'Buy it Now' option. I have bid on a few things and won some but I try to stay disciplined and not go past a self established limit.
  7. I have to admit I recently took advantage of the price disparity - sold my 50/1.8 on eBay to someone in Sweden, for more than I paid for it new - even after the whopping 8% eBay + PayPal fees :biggrin:

    But I'm a little scared about sending high priced items over the pond, in particular to Eastern Europe. eBay unfortunately doesn't make it easy to select the countries you are willing to ship to - it's either UK & Germany only, or the whole of Europe. A bit more fine-grained control would be very helpful!


  8. jcovert

    jcovert Guest

    Me too, but I have to say that the few times I've chosen to take a chance with those folks, I make even more money on the item and the customers are as nice as could be. So I may be changing my mind about selling overseas.
  9. ChadHahn

    ChadHahn Guest

    Don't be afraid to sell overseas. I've sold watches to Sweden. Guitars to England and cameras all over the world.

    As long as it is well packed it will be ok. Like they said, Europe is where the money is.

  10. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    James, I completely agree with you. I love it as a seller though! :biggrin: Getting good deals on eBay is frustrating, but then again, it makes you feel sooo much better when you manage to get that good deal.

    I wanted a 28mm AF lens for my D40 (at least it meters) and got one for $70 after three weeks of bidding. Of course, I could also have gotten it for $150 if I'd bid along with the first one that showed up...

    I would not be too quick in stating that - and it might depend on your shipping options as well. Notice that many powersellers refuse to ship to Italy for instance. I've read somewhere a ridiculous high amount of shipments to Italy were claimed as "not received" - either truly lost in the mail or fraudulent buyers - a percentage in the double digits. I think that there are a couple of other European countries that have similar problems.
    Must suck if you're an honest eBayer and live in Italy (which I'm sure is the majority of them) - because of a bunch of scumbags nobody wants to ship to you :mad: 

    Personally, I don't ship outside the US because filling out the customs form is such a hassle - with domestic mail I can simply print the label and drop the package at the counter of my post office - 2 minutes and I'm done!
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