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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xrdbear, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. A couple of hours ago I discovered I have been running for the last 3 months without a virus checker.

    I was using Zonealarm suite but they brought out a new version that conflicted seriously with one of my applications so I deinstalled it and reinstalled just the free firewall version. Later on that evening I had intended to buy a new AV program but plainly I never did.

    I just bought BitDefender and installed it. It seems to get good reviews. Amazingly after 3 months unprotected my machine is still clean.

    Lucky or what? Downside is the machine is a tad slower but only just.
  2. Ghunger


    Apr 2, 2007
    Seattle, WA
    To be honest, I havn't ran a virus scan on my home computer in at least 3 years :eek: , though I am behind a firewall. I figure you can eliminate most the sources of viruses by only visiting sites you trust and not using an email client. I just use gmail web based mail so I would have to actually click an attachment to download it. Maybe I'm being naive (sp?) but so far so good, the computer seems ok. Main reason I stopped is I hated having to shell out money every year to Norton or who ever to pay for virus updates and my computer always ran slow with them.
  3. Why pay when the best virus protection program is free... AVG by Grisoft. Look it up, this is what I use at home and at work, the free version of AVG beats all Norton paid for applications by 10 miles, yes that's by 10 miles :wink:

  4. SoCalBob


    Feb 9, 2006
    Riverside, CA
    Excellent advice from the Dude! I used Norton AV for many years until each successive new version got more bloated (a serious problem with Symantech software) and finally got to be such an awful resource hog a couple of years ago that I switched to the free version of AVG. The first time I ran it AVG found three virus infections that Norton had never flagged and removed them. Since then I have completely virus-free.

    Nice thing about AVG (even the free version) is that it automatically downloads updates of virus definitions every day, and also runs a complete scan once a day, at times that you can select. Also, unlike resource-hog Norton, you can still do other things on your computer while AVG is running a virus scan in the background. It slows things down a little bit, but works fine for me.
  5. And my cousin, who built my computer, had me uninstal AVG and install Avast, which he says is even better yet.
  6. I recently switched from Norton, which was a memory hog and slowed my poor 6 year old computer down... I switched to NOD32... still a paying program... but it is sooo much faster and better than Norton, unbelievable!
  7. This is the world I live in (I'm on the vendor side and no, we don't write malware to further our cause:biggrin:) ...just beware, even w/ Gmail, if you're displaying an HTML email, hidden images 1 pixel x 1 pixel can talk back to a server that can download nasty code to your machine, all w/out you knowing it. It's why one of the many precautions is to not use Preview mode in an email client like Outlook or Outlook Express.
  8. I have been using NOD32 for a while now, and it uses the least amount of computer resources of any AV out there, and has the highest virus catches out of all available. Norton is the biggest resource hog out of all the AV programs.

    The best free AV program available at the moment is Avast... You may also want to consider a program like "Ad-Aware" (available as a freebie) ,"Uniblue SpyEraser" or similar to stop additional gremlins getting in through the back door.
  9. Another fan of AVG here, have run it on my machines now for around four years without any problems, it was recommended to me after Norton let me down and let the BlasterWorm virus through.
  10. Avast is much better than AVG for actually being able to stop concurrent infections, With Tricky virus's that can get in via windows security holes.

    Also it barely uses any resources. Its also free, so why pay!
    Nod32 is also excellent, as is KAspersky, BUT those are pay for use ones.
  11. Fremlin


    Jan 29, 2006
    Since I stopped using Internet Explorer I have never had a virus!
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