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EGT 2007: Côte d'Azur here we come

Discussion in 'European Get Together' started by Panos Kazanelis, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. In a month from now the EGT 2007 we'll be taking place in France's most picturesque location that of Provence & French Riviera on the Côte d'Azur.

    The farmhouse at Callian is booked and ready, waiting for our arrivals.

    Arrivals Chart

    Michael and Family (with family car)
    Arriving on Sat Sep. 1st

    Panos and Joanna
    Arrival at NICE Sat Sep. 1st at 10:20am
    Departure from NICE Sat Sep. 8th at 11:10am

    Arrival at NICE Sat Sep. 1st at 15:10
    Departure from NICE Sat Sep. 8th at 15:40

    He'll be there... :biggrin: he's 15' away...

    Lets keep this thread running with updates, news and ideas... :smile:

  2. Idea: Panos, do you plan to bring your 120-300? With TCs? :biggrin::rolleyes:  Since Rich brought that lens up again I can barely hold my LL under control and that would be a great opportunity to get a feel of it. :smile:

    I'm looking forward to see you all, I hope we'll have nice weather too.

  3. Starting preperations...

  4. It'll be there for you to try it on and bring your LL to the next level :biggrin:
  5. lol Daniel!

    "Maniac Mansion" I like that.....(ah those where the days, Aliens and mad scientists....)
  6. Great. There is a NEXT level? :eek: 

    Hehe :biggrin: Glad you understood the allusion.
  7. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I might have a few days of holiday between the end of August and mid September and might be going to my grand parents' house. What's the point you ask , well their house is on the French Riviera , in Cavalaire. Is that far away from the house you'll all be staying in by any chance ? It would be nice to meet you all there. :smile:
  8. According to Navigation software: Cavalaire -> Callian = 85km

    Let's arrange something :smile:
  9. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    Thanks Michael , I must've missed "Callian" in the first post :biggrin:

    Once I'm sure of what my schedule will be I'll let you all know for sure !
  10. Some things to take care of:

    1. The Linen! :Crunk:

    It's for rent for 20€ p. person, for the week.

    I guess all of you flying in wouldn't wanna bring your own?

    Please let me know who wants to rent the linen and who will bring something along, then I can forward the info how much we need.

    @Steve: Is it necessary to let them know in advance how much linen we need, or can we take care about it when we arrive?

    2. Security Deposit:
    Another thing is the security deposit of 1000€. Steve was so kind as to take care about it, but we don't want to share the risk alone. So we decided to collect a deposit of 100€ each (Cash when everyone arrives, this way we avoid any transfer fees) which will of course be returned when we leave.

    3. Cooking fest:
    Finally I want to revive the idea of a multicultural cook fest:

    I and Christine will volunteer to provide a "Bavarian evening" for Saturday. (for freshness reasons it has to be Saturday!)

    The Menue:
    "Bavarian Weisswurst" with Brezels and Bavarian Beer.
  11. Date: Friday, August 31 Flight: NW 8337/*KL 1265
    Departs: Amsterdam-Schiphol, Netherlands (AMS) at 12:10PM
    Arrives: Nice, France (NCE) at 2:10PM
    Note: *Operated by KLM CITYHOPPER/KLM

    Date: Monday, September 10 Flight: NW 8264/*KL 1264
    Departs: Nice, France (NCE) at 9:45AM
    Arrives: Amsterdam-Schiphol, Netherlands (AMS) at 11:55AM
    Note: Check-in with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

    Here is our schedule. We will probably rent a car on our own but if you want to share let me know. Michael do I send you 240 euros (paypal)
  12. Oh, thanks, that sounds nice. So I'll eventually have the opportunity to close that cultural gap. :rolleyes: 
  13. We can't wait for "Bavarian Weisswurst". When we were vacationing in Bavaria we went into a small bar mid-afternoon looking for food. Well in Germany (at least that part) there was no food served at that time. Well the wife overheard and they pulled out fresh Weisswurst and warm pretzels from the oven. This was an excellent meal.

    We have no clue what to cook but are happy to particpate.....
  14. Steve you mailbox is full but I still have your gear :wink:

    Be sure to PM me on 29Aug or so, so it does not stay here in Connecticut.

    We will probably rent a car. It is too much trouble for you to come all the way in for us. Any moderately priced hotels in Nice you can think of? We came a day early to adjust. We are meeting friends in Nice on our last "extra" day.


    John & Nancy
  15. We just planned the drive:

    We will be staying a night in Menton, and then arrive on Saturday around noon in Callian.

    Will have to talk with Steve about who will get the keys when....Steve?
  16. Christine

    Christine Guest

    Hello John,

    If you need a moderately priced hotel in Nice, try www.etaphotel.com.

    There are 3 Etap hotels in Nice, the one close to the airport has the hotel code: 2579 (if it is fully booked, there are 2 more: Nice Californie, hotel code 2075, and Nice Palais Nikaia, hotel code 3076).

    The rate is approx. 50 Euros for 2 persons (excluding breakfast).

    Please note that these hotels are budget hotels so don't expect big rooms.
    I think considering the price, they are o.k., at least you have your own small bathroom.

  17. My Absence

    Hi Folks,

    I haven't been ignoring you all; I have been without internet for over two weeks, and just got back online this afternoon.

    Give me a little while to go through the thread and answer any questions that have been raised.

  18. Yes,

    I wasn't aware of the linen charge. Some charge it, some don't. 20 euros is very good though. Even if your travelling by car, I couldn't see the point of bothering to bring your own - I won't be!

    What you get is sheets, pillow cases, two hand towels (I think), a bath towel and a few tea towels for the group. They need to know beforehand. In fact I was phoned up today about this very matter.

    So, they need to know how many sets and whether they are singles or doubles.

    The cooking fest sounds good. I'll have to think of something to do!

  19. Hi John,

    Mailbox emptied a little. I'll send you a P.M.

    We need to decide what is going to happen re: a car.

    Panos was talking of hiring one, you are talking of hiring one and we were talking of hiring one for the group. My suggestion (if people want to keep costs down) would be to hire one for when you arrive, which is a group vehicle. Panos could be picked up with this vehicle when he arrives.

    If maximum flexibility is the key, then either you or Panos could hire a personal vehicle (smallish) and the other could be a people carrier.

    We do have one (an old Espace) but is used by Armelle for work, so would be difficult to be available.

    This needs deciding fairly quickly, if I am to arrange the hiring.

    John - It is no problem for me to come in and pick you up. You just need to decide whether you can make do without a car for that first day or not. I can always collect you on the Saturday, when I go to pick someone else up from the airport. The other alternative would be to book in somewhere around here. I can arrange that for you, pick you up from the airport and drop you at the hotel here. You are then in the area for the Saturday, so no problems. If you got something in Fayence, for example, you would have plenty to look at within a quite small area, with no real need for a car.

  20. I will be given the keys, or they will be left for me under a suitable stone:biggrin:

    There are people in there on the Saturday morning. They have to be kicked out and then the place has to be cleaned. Don't expect to have access before 2pm. It might be a little later, but not much.

    Bags could be left at the house after midday, but I am not sure of the security arrangements. The house would be wide open, with the cleaners mooching about, so I'm not too sure. The alternative would be to lock them up at my place.
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