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EGT 2007 - Callian (Cote azure - France) - Official Thread

Discussion in 'European Get Together' started by misupix, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. It's my pleasure to officially announce the:

    European Get Together 2007

    takes place in a Villa near Nice in Callian FRANCE.
    (link to the Villa: http://www.callianvilla.com/)

    Time: from 1st to 8th, September 2007

    The house has place for 10-12 persons. Price for the week is 1500€. Resulting in approx. 150,- per Person for the week.
    (If needed we may be able to book a second house)

    We already have these reservation:

    Michael Schuster: 2.5 Persons
    SteveD: 1 Person
    Panos Kazanelis & Joanna: 2 Persons
    DanielD: 1 Person
    John Young (jryoung1947): 2 Persons
    Gerald and Ulrike: 2 Persons

    So it seems we're fully booked :Crunk:

  2. Update:

    I'm currently managing the 20% deposit to finish the booking of the house.

    We have to send the rest in July.

    The rent for the house will be 1500€ in total (+20€ each for sheets).

    At the moment we have 8 fixed persons and still 2 beds available (+ inflatable mattresses :Crunk:) 

    So at the moment I have to calculate with 1500€ divided through 8 persons, resulting in a share of 187,50 € p. Person. (if we get 10 persons the share lowers to 150€)

    We will have to collect the money until 20. June and make the advance payments. In the middle of June we can calculate the exact share.

    So please everybody wanting in, please PM me!

  3. We're going to have another wonderful EuroMeeting ! ! !

    Just visit the EGT 2006 in London and see what happened last year.

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  4. That meeting sounds very tempting...Nice, the Mediterrenean, ... can't say yes or no yet, but i'd really like to join the crew. I have to think about it...
  5. kirchnel


    Jan 29, 2007
    Northern NJ
    I posted on the other link but definitely interested as well. Have to figure out the $$$
    I am new to the site but it looks like you guys had a great time.
    How does it work? One week at the house and you are on your own for touring etc??

  6. It is a bit late in Europe but I believe they were talking of using a couple of SUV's. I plan to go with the flow. This is a nice group of amazingly nice people. I bet the European version is just as super. My wife and I will be flying out of JFK.

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 11, 2007
  7. 100 dollars later

    I put in for vacation and was reminded I was slated for Cork, Ireland and possibly Moscow last quarter for business training. The Moscow folk can come to us but I'll go to Cork earlier in the year. We need some US response.

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  8. I suggest we organize a Cooking Fest while in the cottage.
  9. OK Panos!

    You COOK and we will FEAST! :Crunk:
  10. No prob Michael. Joanna and I will be honored to have you as our ... gini pigs... :biggrin:
  11. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Hi, all!

    I've been lurking through this site for a couple of weeks now, since buying my Nikon D80, looking for answers for my EC issues. Today I stumbled onto your ECT 2007 trip site, and started jonesing a trip to Germany. Then I noticed, after skipping the middle 10 pages of the original thread, that the trip was to Nice, and I want to go!

    PMing right now...
  12. Super, the more the merrier. The last time I posted I scared people away. Can you cook? Nancy and I are happy to do a meal. It could be the simple light meal of the week....:smile:

    We could try and coordinate arrival times.
  13. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Certainly I can cook, but the question will be will anyone want to eat what I cook...

    I do make some mean green salads and pasta salads. And Barry is a cleaning-up machine!

    Gosh, I need to get with my boss to make sure I can get the time off and get with the airlines to see what flights are running, and THEN I can start planning seriously.

    Do Barry and I come in under 10 persons for the house? We are both alright with sleeping under any conditions (even lounge furniture at the pool!)
  14. Welcome "on board", Bolts!

    You (I guess you are two?) would be number 9 and 10, so you would have two beds booked.

    We will be looking into it some more to know how much more we can take from now on...

    Steve!!! Could you check how much people can really fit into the villa, as I read the homepage it's 5 bedrooms with 10 beds, is that right?

  15. I'll take a look again Michael. There is a room at the top of the house, which has some bunk beds in. This is rather basic, in comparison with the rest of the house, but perhaps you've already counted that.

    Give me a few minutes and I'll telephone Karen for the absolute maximum.
  16. There are actually twelve beds, if you count the two bunk beds in the "Belvedere" at the top of the house.

    However, the maximum that it is rented for is 10, and Karen is loathe to allow any more than that, as the the facilities (tables, chairs and general space) becomes compromised. Assuming "Bolts" and Barry are in, I think we should consider the house now full.

    There is still the possibility of finding another house, if the numbers warranted it, but the other house that we had initially pencilled in (which was close to the one we have rented) has now been let.
  17. Man we are ready to go....
  18. Thanks Steve!

    So we should consider the house full now?

    I'm asking because I had two friends from my photoclub asking (the consider staying on their own "airbeds" in some corner).

    Should we consider something like that, if they would pay full share?

    Or will we get into trouble with Karen then?

  19. Michael,

    I think we might get into trouble!

    Don't forget that small house that I mentioned to you and Christine. If they had transport, that would be a possibility. Although that would work out a little more expensive (400 euros per week for the house). This might actually suit someone that has already booked into the house, if they wanted a little more independance. It is only 10-15 mins away from the house we have booked, has two bedrooms, shared swimming pool - it's quite nice really. Own transport is a must though.
  20. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Just wanted to let y'all know:

    I've PMed Michael and the ball is rolling. Currently the only impediment to our joining you is a scheduling conflict with an older relative that can't be put off until next year, due to his (proclaimed) failing health. Rescheduling is a slight issue, because we aren't too sure when lobster season ends in Damariscotta, Maine.

    We should have a definate decision made one way or another by end of day Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

    I'm pretty excited about this!
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