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Elinchrom 400BX & Diffusing Umbrella

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by leungphotography, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Does anyone use Elinchrom 400BX monolights w/modeling lamps? What are you thoughts on it?

    I want to use it for 2 settings.... (1) Portraits and fashion photography in studio settings, (2) Weddings for additional lighting

    Anyone use an umbrella with additional diffuser? Which one would you recommend and why?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Its good enough for most applications, you can fit stronger modelling lamps if you want. I belive 150w is standard, but 250w is available aswell.

    For your settings this and any other brand name will be sufficent.

    I dont use umbrellas, but i do own and use a varistar set (105cm) its a brolly box with reflector that pretty much is a round softbox.

    Umbrellas will work for sure, i just personally dont find them useful for me.
  3. Hey Paul

    What do you recommend for a great starter studio kit? Elimchrom Prefered.
  4. Hi Joey

    On a budget the D-lites gives you alot for the money, now fan cooled.

    Want to step up a little, the FX/BX series gives all you need and more.

    Elinchrom offers both the D-lites/FX/BX series in to-go kits. Very good kits to start with.

    Choose the kit based on your wallet, and remember that your investing the money in a system, so no need to buy it all at once.

    Elinchrom is the brand i use, but brands like bowens and profoto is just as good, its just that im not very familiar with the entry level systems.
  5. I have both the BX-400's and D-Lite 2's. I would just have all 400's but some times they are a little too powerful and the D-Lite's are perfect for background or comerical stuff. As Paul states, if you buy the D-Lite's individually they come with fans. Coming from Alien Bees (No Comparison), I really love Elinchrom's color, light modifiers, and locking mechanism. I also love the digital readout and push buttons. If you are going to get umbrellas, be sure to spend a little extra for their professional series (much nicer). I have the 41" white and transluscent and like them both. But my favorite modifer is the 53" Rotalux.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, 2008
  6. You can get the 600 RX's in Kits as well
  7. Sure can, but for the intended purpose the RX600 wont offer the OP anything more then the BX can, apart from a bigger whole in his wallet.
  8. I have a 400 and a 600 and the only difference I have ever noticed is the 600 is far more consistent. But that only matters to me because I shoot timelapse stuff.
  9. Yes thats correct, the RX is a little more consistent overall, color, output wise. But also have the ability to be controlled by the skyport triggers/software.

    Still FX/BX is plenty to start out with.

    BTW really impressed by that timelaps you posted. Great work.
  10. Rudi


    Sep 29, 2008
    I love my 53" Octa, too.

    Gregg, what makes the pro series umbrellas so much nicer? (size excepted) I am not much of an umbrella shooter, but got the 32" translucent and the 32" silver as part of a kit. They seem nice enough, so I'm just wondering... :smile:
  11. I have 600RX and I love them......but be sure to check their web site. The new Ri looks great, especially having the Skyports pre-installed in the heads. They also have a new Rotalux series.

  12. Just that they are higher quality with a sturdier build. If you you use them a lot, you will appreciate that. I also just bought a 41" Varistar and I love it so far. Very easy to set up and offers a beautiful light quality. It's perfect for when you want to travel ight or don't want to set up a softbox.
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