Ely Cathedral, England

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  1. Interior shots of Ely Cathedral.

    ^ Three shot pano with the Canon 17mm TS-E





    Featured at Cathedrals and Churches

    Thank you for looking :)

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  2. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    So good they don't look real
    These are in the Glenn Nagel class of perfect angles
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  3. Thank you very much, high praise indeed :)
    But, I'm just the equivalent of a selfie stick toting phone user (who shoots videos in portrait orientation), compared to the G Man :D
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  4. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    You didn't ask for C&C but maybe Glenn will share his opinion.
    I don't mean to embarrass anyone it's just that I tried this a few times with disastrous results, perspective distortion on top of barrell made the pics look like an earthquake, a whole day in Rome maybe 10 saves from the mess
  5. Maybe ditch Nikon lenses and try Canon and Sony lenses :p :D
    Oops I forgot this was a Nikon site :wacky:
  6. To compare my pictures to Mark's photographs is very flattering! I'm always inspired by Mark's work...and I'm thrilled to see him back posting on these forums.

    This is another wonderful set. The perspective in the fourth photograph is something that I probably wouldn't have considered. Next time I visit a church, I will be more aware of that possibility--very inspiring.

    Keep up the good work...

    (And, I very much appreciate your comments, Randy.)

  7. Thank you kind Sir :)
  8. Lovely series Mark. I used to visit Ely and the cathedral often when I was a kid in England. Mum's family was from Saffron Walden. Spent a lot of time lying on the floor looking up at everything! Thanks for the memories.
  9. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    Outstanding images, Mark! I can't even imagine how to made a pano using the 17mm TS! Stunning! I like #3 a lot!!! Really a pleasing shot! And even before the discussion above, I took particular note of #4.....really a great perspective and so very interesting. The curves, colors and the carved heads make an excellent graphic!
  10. Thank you much and my pleasure :)
    I've heard of that place, but I've not even been to Cambridge (just North of it).

    Thank you :)
    It's very easy to create a panorama using a TS lens.
    Just position the camera on a tripod, take 3 shots, one with the lens shifted to the left, one in the middle position and one to the right.
    They stitch together perfectly.
    The downside is the extreme edges do get blurred a bit, but it's not really noticeable when displaying the photo on websites.
  11. I must say, these are impressive. That first one makes me dizzy, feeling as if my head should be tilted WAY back looking straight up.

    That being said, this repartee is simply priceless :ROFLMAO:
  12. Thank you very much :)
    I like causing mischief :D