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Email with Shooting Schedules has been sent!!

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by Flew, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I just sent an email to all of those that have said that they are going to attend the Merritt session. Here is the text of the email:

    Hi All,

    Time to get things coordinated for the session this coming week-end. Hopefully everyone has his / her equipment ready, and shooting clothes packed so about the only thing left to do it set up our shooting schedules. I have updated the Merritt web page (https://www.nikoncafe.com//merritt/merritt.html) with some cool new maps from Google that will help I think in finding everything. It is very possible that every person attending will not have exactly the same shooting objectives, but I think it is important that we have some kind of plan so that nobody gets left behind or left out or lost. After everyone looks over the initial plan, we can make adjustments based on everyone's feedback. Please refer to the maps on the web page listed above for directions to the various locations discussed below.

    Here is the shooting schedule that I plan to follow (note this is still very flexible except for Monday morning):

    Saturday (Times are approximate right now, but should be within 15 minutes)

    06:15 Leave the Satellite Beach Days Inn heading for Viera Wetlands (Gale & Harry's favorite shooting site)
    06:45 Arrive Viera and shoot 100's of beautiful birdies
    10:45 Leave Viera for lunch
    13:00 Arrive Blackpoint
    Dusk - Leave Blackpoint for supper. Everyone that can should come to supper to finalize plans for Sunday.

    The location for supper has not been positively established yet, but we should know something shortly. As Mike McAtee has stated, lunch is optional if the shooting is going real well on any of the session days....;-)


    05:45 Leave the Satellite Beach Days Inn heading for Blackpoint
    06:45 Arrive Blackpoint and shoot 1,000's of beautiful birdies
    11:00 Leave Blackpoint for lunch
    13:00 Arrive Sebastian Inlet and shoot a bunch of close up Pelicans and Storks (other stuff too)
    Dusk - Leave Sebastian for supper. Location for supper still TBD.


    05:45 Leave the Satellite Beach Days Inn heading for Blackpoint
    06:45 Arrive Blackpoint and shoot until it's time to leave for home
    09:00 Leave Blackpoint to drive home.

    Everyone please look this over and respond if you have any other ideas or preferences for any of these times / days. This is just a starting point for planning, but we do have to finalize things in the next day or so. If nobody changes any of these times / days, then we will see you Saturday morning at the Satellite Beach Days Inn as 6:15!!

    One final note. If you can't meet up with us on major portions this schedule, we still want you to come and shoot with us as much as possible, whenever and wherever you can. If you can't find us (or we make a last minute change to our shooting plans), you can always call my cell phone number below. Realize however, that if I have an Eagle lined up in my sights, that I'm not likely to drop the D2H and reach for the phone....;-) In other words, you may have to call more than once.


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  2. Frank,

    This sounds like a well thoughout plan. If I lived in Florida, I would be on this trip in a blink of an eye.

    Have fun and think of us that can't make it but would like to.
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