Emilie on her wooden horse

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  1. Frank (Eng45ine) gave me yet another option for creating selective color pictures. So I tried it out on one of today's pictures. Miss Emilie and I went out for a hike, she discovered that riding on wooden logs (aka "horses") is LOTS of fun!! :smile:

    I must say, I'm VERY happy to have my 35/2 back, I really love this lens for Emilie shots!

    I'm guessing the BW part of this won't be quite contrasty enough.....b/c it looks good to me on this monitor. I'm going to have it printed at Walgreens as a quick check. Last time, I had a shot that looked great on this monitor (I like high contrast B/W), but looked soft and weak when printed. :frown:


    35mm, f/4 1/60th at ISO200
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    A very cute shot Gretchen! I just love little kids all bundled up, so cute! I think you did a good job on this..
  3. Thank you Rob! :smile:
  4. awwwww, no matter how you "color" it, I love it! Emilie is adorable!
  5. I think you got Rob and Randy mixed up!
    A great shot!
    Did you shoot this in RAW? If so and you can send me the file (via yousendit.com) I will be happy to produce a print and send it to you.
  6. Ugh, my apologies!! I think I was talking to my friend on the phone and her husband (Rob) had just walked in. Sorry Randy!!!! :redface:

    Yes, the file was shot in raw, but the posted file is in JPG.
  7. I can work with that in JPEG. Email me the file sized to suit you and I will send you a print.