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EN-EL4A Calibration

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Retief, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Charged my EN-EL4A and when I put it in the MB-D10 on my D300 it said it needed "calibration". I don't remember ever seeing this on my D2h, but that was years ago, I could easily have forgotten. When I put it back in the MH-21 charger it showed that it needed the > 6 hour treatment.

    Does anyone know what conditions cause/require a calibration? Both the battery and the charger were purchase new in early December.

  2. Muonic


    Jun 14, 2006
  3. Bill,

    This subject is referenced on Page 322 of the D300 Manual and is the special 6 hour cycle used with the MH-21 charger. I hope this helps.

  4. Thanks. This explains why I probably did not see this with the D2H, I was fully discharging the battery.

    Thanks, Tom. But what I still don't understand is that the MH-21 manual shows 4 levels of calibration, under 2/2-4/4-6/0ver 6 hours. I'm curious, not that it really matters much, as to what causes them to be different.
  5. Bill,

    If I understand this correctly, the 2 hours is for batteries to come up to about 50% of full charge, the four hours is for batteries to come up to 80% of full charge and the 6 hours is for batteries to come up to 100% or to their maximum capacity. Also, I erred before by referring to the MH-21. I meant the MH-22.

  6. That is for charging, I believe. This is from the MH-21 manual:

    Approximate time needed to recalibrate battery Calibration Lamp (yellow) Charge Lamp (green) Charge Lamp (green) Charge Lamp (green)
    CAL ON 2H 4H 6H
    Over 6 hours Glows Glows Glows Glows
    4-6 hours Glows Glows Glows Off
    2-4 hours Glows Glows Off Off
    Under 2 hours Glows Off Off Off

    In my case all the lamps were glowing, and it did take over 6 hours before the Calibration light went out.
  7. mfletch


    Jul 16, 2007
    This is on the D2H also. But it's not required often. I have had to calibrate the battery in my D2H only once, shortly after buying it. It hasn't been required again in a year and a half. The battery for my D300 is pretty new and has never needed calibration.
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