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Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by j.ankanpaa, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. I thank you all for your nice comments and wellcoming me here.

    Well, I think I may have couple more pics for you. It´s getting near the end of the season here. But I´m hoping this weekend I´m still able to find something to shoot, atleast to test some new flash arrangements....

    #1 This little stowaway was found under the rowing boat seat. He was willing to pay his trip by posing for couple of shots...

    #2 Reminds me of a look of a well behaving dog who does not beg but in the end gets the best parts of your turkey sandwich

    #3 Jumper´s feast

    #4 Turning away

    #5 Unearthly

    #6 Laying eggs

    #7 Checking the lens (mmm...Tamron...)

    #8 Furry fly (the only insect which survives through Finnish winter without
    ...which is not true at all... :tongue:

    #9 :eek: 

    #10 For some reason I can´t help but to think that this must be the most
    stupid fly on earth...nice sideburns, though...

    #11 Manfred, a mayfly
    View attachment 15551

    #12 ...yeah, I know, this sucks...

    #13...and this stinks...Yes sir!!!

    Thanks for looking!

    Best Regards,
  2. Jukka, you certainly have a knack for getting great insect images. You obviously have honed your skills in the macro area. Well done.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Where in the world do you find such a great veriety like these.

    They are great as are your captions.

    Great work...
    Thank You for sharing yet another great series.
  4. Another great series, Jukka! :smile: Why don't you tell us more about your setup and what lens you use?


    aka beaucamera
  5. Jukka,

    These are stunning.! The depth of field is incredible. The one which looks like a common housefly to me is frightening. Good luck getting more shots before the weather changes. Perhaps you could share your techniques with us.

    I have a Canon D500 close-up attachment but haven't gotten around to try it. What equipment do you use?

  6. Thank you!!!

    Well, I use D70, Tamron 90mm di, SB-600 and Kenko 1.4x TC. SB-600 is on camera and the thing that I have been using is that I pull out the plastic reflector so that it points straight forward...and flash head is also pointing straight forward...Well, I haven´t done any specific testing with this, I just have a feeling when watching pics that it´s more pleasant this way (are we just lucky that we can use this flash system). And ofcourse when shooting at closest distance this way the lens won´t block the flash... I just bought a Stofen omnibounce, took some pics with it at closest distance and it sure looks good, but I haven´t tryed it yet with living creatures... So, hopefully I find some bugs this weekend...

    Shutter speed is usually 1/500 and aperture between f/18...f/22... Jumper´s feast pic was taken with Tamron and reversed Canon FD 50mm 1.4 and I was using a special desingned reflector made of disposable
    cardboard plate :eek: 

    With Kenko TC I ofcourse get more magnification for smaller spiecies or more working distance for shy ones. I shoot handheld as I don´t have a proper tripod for macro work at the moment (next thing on my list). My standard Manfrotto just not work with these....

    All of these pics were taken in two different locations. Another one is our summer cottage and another is a bothanical forest here in Helsinki. And that´s really a good place because the area is full of all sort of trees and plants from all over the world which ofcourse means that there´s all sort of insects as well. Besides, it very beautiful area: meadows by the sea, although often quite windy which is not good when shooting macros...

    And one more thing about that place: I can be sure that almost every time I went there I saw these great insects, this one even landed on a lens cover which I held on my hand:
  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Those are great! And I love the running commentary. I think bug picts need a bit of humor!
  8. All great shots again.
  9. Wonderful work.

    Say, you know where I saw many bugs, butterflies and even hummers the other day? At a nursery. Just a thought.
  10. Very good pics again! The "great insect" is also a scorpion fly, it's just the female, but I am sure you know that :smile:
  11. Gale, this variety is almost everywhere - you just have to look close enough :wink:
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