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Enough Already -- I just want to learn

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gort, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Gort


    Mar 10, 2008
    I attended a photography class here in Phoenix recently, sponsored by Arizona Highways magazine. The class was very good, and I intend to keep taking the classes.


    I have a Nikon D300 (thus my membership here.....). Virtually all of the participants had Canons (except the instructor). Great. I don't really care. We had to go around the room and talk about what we hoped to learn, what we liked to shoot, show our camera, etc. I spoke for a few minutes...and then the first question came: "why did you buy a Nikon? Isn't that just for people who care more about brand names than the photos?" Then came another question. Then another. All assuming I had made some huge mistake, or have a massive character flaw, because I had the temerity to buy a Nikon.

    I honestly don't recall having that much angst over my decision on which camera to buy. I was careful. I did my research. But I did not spend even 4 seconds thinking about what "message" my purchase would send to other camera buffs.

    I really don't intend by this post to add anything to the "Nikon vs. Canon" debate. I really don't care what other people use. You want a Canon? Great, congrats. I'm happy for you. But, sheesh, I wish people would get off their high horses and let me enjoy my purchase too, without having to defend it or explain it.
  2. DangerKilo


    May 14, 2009
    It is jealousy my man. You are a nikon man now, get used to being the object of envy.
  3. You are the enlightened one, not them!!!!
  4. Look at it this way, study hard take a lot of pictures, and if your pictures can consistently turn out better then their pictures, then they will be wondering if they made the right decision.
  5. JakeEbersole


    Mar 11, 2009
    Jacksonville, FL
    Jake Ebersole
    They are all jealous that you have a better camera and you know how to use it.
  6. Sounds like a bunch of jerks that haven't figured out what photography is about trying to justify their own purchases and an instructor who did not have control of his or her class.
  7. In this particular case, the grass is greener on our side of the fence. :biggrin:

    Personally, I have no issues, I have encountered some light bantering from many which is taken with a grain of salt. The funniest moment was with my next door neighbor, an avowed iPhone user and Canon user. He took shots with his iPhone and then posted them with captions to his FaceBook account in under 2 mins. Nikon or Canon can't beat that!!

    But this problem does occur in the Nikon space too. Shooting my daughter's dive meet last week with my gripped D300 with 24-70 f/2.8, I encountered a lady who was shooting with a smaller Nikon DSLR body which I thought was a D40. I asked her what she was using and she replied, D5000 with the kit 18-105 lens. I asked her if she used the Live View capability and she said she did. She then asked about my camera body then proceeded to tell me I should upgrade to the D5000 because the D300 is old technology.

    I pretty sure the MB-D10 and L-plate would not fit on a D5000. I suppose I insulted her with the Live View question. :tongue:
  8. You can choose to swim upstream into the current or go with the flow. Both brands are very good at what they do, it is the differences that count - ergonomics, ISO noise, lens sharpness and contrast. Choose the one YOU like, not necessarily because it is the same as everyone else.
  9. D.RicPhoto


    Mar 28, 2009
    I know how you feel and I don't care what someone uses. Whatever is more productive for you you should use. I had a couple of why do you have a Nikon. I said that I just will have to shoot terrible photos with the new and 40 year old lenses on my Nikon. Then I said how are your old Canon lenses from the 70's working on your DSLR are you making some great photos with them. I know I usually just walk away but every so often I can't help myself.
  10. If you feel there is enough value in the class to endure the immature behavior of your classmates, hang in there and ignore them. If not, bail and find another learning venue. In any case, I would have a chat with the instructor. The fact that he/she let this go on beyond the first comment is inexcusable.
  11. danameless


    May 9, 2009
    It's mostly ignorance in my opinion. People who generally don't know what they are talking about will ask questions like that. And honestly, what kind of comment is Nikon owners only care about the name brands? Last I checked, I'm pretty sure Canon is a name brand in it's own. We each buy what we are comfortable with and believe to be the right equipment for us, but not impress others or to follow suit. You could've responded with, why did you buy Canon - is it because everyone else here has one so you think it's the better one?

    Just like Eric said, take some great shots with your Nikon and make them question why they didn't buy the superior brand :D 
  12. Eagles don't travel in flocks.

  13. Gort


    Mar 10, 2008
    That's the plan. So much to learn. But, it's fun along the way.

    That's what I concluded. For whatever reason, I got into what seems to be a really competitive group. I haven't found any other classes in Phoenix I am looking. What do I care if someone else takes a better picture than I do? Hey, congrats and please show it to me so I can learn how to do it better. /Shrug
  14. lol
    i like that one
  15. User


    Mar 23, 2009
    I find people with level heads realize both Nikon and Canon are great camera brands. The absolute differences between them are minimal, but proprietary lens mounts create some brands loyalty.

    My friends with decent cameras have a variety of brands and I don't think any less of them for their choices.
  16. My response would be a simple: Because I like to shoot with the best. Nikon has a great lineup of lenses and one of the best flash systems in the world. The ergonomics are excellent and it does everything I want to do with my photography. Cannon makes great cameras and if I didn't shoot a Nikon I would choose Canon.
  17. I hear you Steve - attend a photog lecture "sponsored by" a manufacturer and you'll hear the same sort of stuff.

  18. What surprises me the most is why the Instructor would ask the participants to show their cameras to the other members of the class.
    Discussing what one likes to shoot or hopes to shoot and perhaps a discussion of which lenses one owns and how those will be suitable or not for the particular genre(s) one is interested in would make vastly more sense, than the brand of camera one owns. I use Nikons and always have, but I'm quite sure my life (and my photography) would not have turned out any different had I originally chosen Canons.
    The Instructor should have known better.
  19. ArtScott


    Jul 11, 2009
    Upgrade to the D5K.....:m36::m36::m36::m46::m46::m01: just gotta love the uninformed beginners.........
  20. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    Exactly! Just smile and let your pictures do the talking!

    In the class I took cameras were considered irrelevant. Heck, if you wanted you could just use a P&S. The instructor pointed out that an SLR would not be a bad idea if you want more control over your exposure (and that without some exercises would be really, really hard) but that was about it.

    When it came to equipment he put more emphasis on tripods (as in: "have one") and reflectors.

    I don't think the point of your instructor was for everyone to "showcase" their camera. I think it was more in the spirit of a general introduction and giving everyone (the same) subject to talk about.
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