Entered my first images in camera club's competition!

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by BostonRott, May 11, 2007.

  1. I want to extend many thanks to all here at the Cafe who have helped me out so much!! I can not even begin to list whom, how and with what, that would be pages in and of itself.

    Your comments/critiques on photos, guidance in PP and general encouragement have been wonderful. Thank you!!!

    I joined a local camera club in March, and the atmosphere there is VERY similar to the one here: a vast array of experience, and those who are experienced are very willing to help out. Once a month they have in a guest judge from other clubs and have a competition. I entered two images last night.

    I was very nervous about doing so, didn't even make the decision to actually do it until 10min before I went out the door. Grabbed two of my bald eagle shots from Feb. for entry into "Digital - Nature," class B (of course!).

    In looking at what was chosen, I decided this judge was one (of whom I've seen few so far) that chose scenaries/landscapes over fin/fur/feather. I was actually really happy to see some of those landscapes earn 15's, as we have some VERY talented people in that club and landscapes often seem to get short-sticked.

    The first image I entered was this juvenile in flight. This was take with the 70-300D hand-held, and was my first trip up to see the Eagles. He gave me some nice complements on exposure and capture. Biggest critique was that I should crop more off right side and bottom. I'll have to go back and look, but I believe this was already a fairly decent crop and I didn't want to cross over that line where things start looking bad.

    Score: 12 (out of 15)

    My second image was taken on the second trip up to see the Eagles. None were flying and it was a disappointing visit (especially having driven over an hour). On the way out, I spied this Eagle sitting in a tree in someone's yard. There was quite a crowd gathering under the tree, and I joined them.

    He liked the diagonal line of the branch, the framing of the branch on the left, and the eye contact with "the maker." :smile: Again, said I could take a bit more off the right. I had worked to not center the Eagle in my cropping, thus the reason for that much dead space.

    Score: 13 and 2nd place! :biggrin: (5 of us rec'd 13's and 2nd place, 1 person received a 14 and 1st place). I called my Dad on the way home (a D70 shooter and avid photographer) and told him I'm now "an award winning photographer." HAHAHAHAAAA!!!! :tongue: :biggrin:

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    I'm really looking forward to working on my skills this summer and trying to build up a portfolio of stuff to enter over the course of next year (competitions will start again in Sept).

    I do not feel I earned these scores, but rather was coached to them by many of you here. Thank you!!! :smile:
  2. Way to go Gretchen! We expect better and better images from you.

  3. Congrats Gretchen! I personally wouldn't change the crop on the second one at all. Great pics.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    You earned every point you got, and beautiful images:))
    and keep up the wonderful work:>))
  5. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Hey congratulations, what a cool benchmark for you. I can only assume that it only gets better from here for you. Keep entering and keep us posted on how it goes. We are proud of you.:wink:
  6. Thank you Gale, you are most kind!! This really has inspired me to find "stuff" to shoot this summer in prep for the return of competitions in September! :smile:

    Thank you! I too like where it is, don't think I'd change it either. The first one, I agree with.

    I will work on it, promise!!! :smile:
  7. I plan to!! My goal is to see if I can make myself eligible for the "A" classes. You have to have an average of "12" in scoring and have participated in X% of the competitions (in both Nature and Open). Hopefully this Summer brings lots of inspiration! :smile:
  8. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Way to go, Gretchen!
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