Epson P-2000 is in stock at Ritz camera and Wolfe camera



Please tell us your impressions. I don't really "need" one but I really want one :)

I want to use this for images of course but the odd movie and mp3 would be nice too. I hear it doesn't support WMA music files, if so then I gotta find something else.....I want more toys!!!!

Have fun!!

Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Brian said:
Hi Melissa,

Hope to read your reviews soon. Enjoy it.

Yesterday the Epson 2000 arrived and I downloaded a 1 gb microdrive to it and it was slow and took about 3 to 4 minutes to download. I had a variety of raw, jpgs and raw and jps that I downloaded.

My opinion is it is a must so you don't have to run around with too many CF cards but I would have one extra card to use while the first one is downloading so you don't miss taking any good pictures. Non moving subjects doesn't matter but if you doing modeling, or studio portraits or wedding portraits where you can't wait to transfer files, use a spare memory card.

I haven't downloaded them to the computer yet but I'm sure that will be fast since a USB cable will be doing the transfer.

As for the battery goes. I haven't tested it out to see how long it lasts since I only had it since yesterday.

I do like the carrying case it comes with and the screen is huge. Almost 4 inches.

If anyone else here has one, please post your thoughts too.

Also Ritz online still has more in stock if anyone is having a hard time finding one.

Hope this info helps others here.
Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
For Todd

F15Todd said:
Thanks Melissa, I put one on order today. I'm hoping this will cover me during my move.

It should cover your move very well seeing that this thing is 40 gb and btw, it is no lightweight either. You will feel it in your pocket for sure. The worst part is worrying about losing it.
Apr 30, 2005
Hi Catz,

Thanks for the mini review. I did try to get one last week (Photocreative in Mississauga), they didn't have any in stock but they are expecting more to come in next week.

3-4 mins for a 1GB microdrive is not too bad. I guess it will be slightly faster with CF? I tried to copy 1GB to my notebook via PC Card adapter and it took 10-15 minutes and that's slow. I have since then bought a PC Card Bus and it takes about 2-3 minutes now. I also tend to use a few 1GB CF cards so that I can download them in between shootings.

Hope I can get my hands on one soon. Too troublesome to carry my notebook.
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