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Epson P2000

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Catz, May 4, 2005.

  1. I have been debating if I want to pay 460.00 for a 4 gb card or pay the similar price for the Epson P2000. Common sense tells me the Epson is the way to go.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of anyone who has them in stock. I need one by next Weds?

    Thank you so much,
  2. Please someone help me find one for sale now. I really need to have it by next Weds. I'm going to Chicateague for the photoshoot of birds and I only have a 1 gb microdrive and a 256mb Lexar card. I need this Epson so that I can transfer my pics rather than have to run all the way back to the hotel.

    Thank you so much,
  3. I got one last week directly from the epson site. Same price as elsewhere. The screen is really, really nice and it is much faster then my old Vista.
  4. Photocreative in Mississaugua has them in stock.

    1 (800) 956-8323

  5. Shutterbug in Portland has them.
    (503) 639-5088

    Ask for John.

    Got mine today.
  6. Vince,

    The Epstore is sould out. I will keep looking and if you see it, let me know.
  7. Brian


    Apr 30, 2005
    How's the battery life on the Epson? How many 1GB cards can I copy before the battery runs out? How about the Coolwalker? I know I can't compare the 2 screens, but I guess I will use it mostly for storage rather than viewer.

  8. Thanks Dave,

    I have tried calling this company but no one picks up. If they are closed, you would think they would leave a message saying they are closed at this time.

    I found more info on this photoviewer. It has a max of 8-9 mp which wouln't help me because I like to shoot NEF Fine and that is more than 8-9 mp plus no mention of accepting TIFF files. Plus this does not accept RAW files from the Fuji and Nikon cameras. I want something that supports all types of RAW files and can hold 12mp files, TIFF files and supports Microdrive. So now it looks like the P-2000 will not work for me. Darn!

    Can you help me find a viewer that does all of that?

    Thanks and appreciated,
  9. Melissa,

    The P-2000 is working fine on my 20mb 12 megapixel raw files from my D2X. No problems at all. I believe what you read is in reference to the 1.01 firmware. The minute I got mine I went to the Epson website and downloaded the 2.02 firmware. This is supposed to take care of these issues.
  10. Melissa,

    There is one thing I forgot to mention about the P-2000 and D2X raw files. I shoot raw + jpeg fine so when I copy the card to the P-2000 I end up with two files of each shot, one raw and one jpeg. When viewing on the P-2000 I have use of all the features of the unit on the jpeg files however on the raw files I can view them but I cannot zoom in on the photos as I can on the jpegs. As far as copying back to my computer, everything works fine on both files. As far as the Fuji goes, I cannot say, but if you want to email me a raw file I can load it onto the P-2000 and see if it is viewable. Hope this helps.
  11. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Melissa I'm looking to get an Epson P-2000 also.
    I'm hoping I can get one on order soon, since it will
    have to be shipped to the UK. I'm wanting it to
    cover my move. I think I might need to start
    changing my mind set and think of dusting off the
    F5 or N90s and just that to cover pictures during
    the move time.
  12. Todd, I wish I had a newer film camera but I will stay with the Canon AE-1 program that I got in 1982. It is still a nice film camera. I had no problems with it at all.
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