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Epson Scanner 4490 ?????? about slides

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by TomP, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I know this is not the best scanner, but so far it has worked OK. I am scanning slides. The scans are do not look near as good as the slides do.
    I am using the pro mode. Any suggestions to improve the pics.

    Also the slides have mildew damage,:frown:is there any thing I do about that.
  2. I've had the best scanning results when I ditched the Epson and Silverfast apps and used VueScan. You might try some PEC-12 to clean the mildew off of the emulsion.

  3. Thanks Sean, I will look up the VueScan, what is pec 12, related to pec cloths??
  4. It's made by the same folks - it's made esp. for cleaning film. We use it all the time at the museum. It used to sold by the quart, which was pricey, but now you can buy a little 4 oz. bottle which goes a long way.
  5. Thanks Sean, I have some contraband liquid Freon,might give that a try on a sacrificer slide, probably melt it.
    I tried the VueScan sample, but could not find a transparency button, and all it wanted to do was scan my slide holder. the Epson does 4 slide at a time and 12 negatives. Quantity over quality, but I am sure you know how labor intensive this is.
  6. Thanks Ray. thats a nice looking scan, what model scanner do you have??
  7. Tom, I'm currently using an Epson V500. It uses an led light source. Other than than it's almost identical to the 4490.
  8. LOL...I once tried their dslr sensor cleaner on a junk slide from the trash - it didn't melt it but it did streak the daylights out of it.

    You can select transparency under the 'mode' dropdown menu on the input tab in Vuescan.

  9. Thanks Sean I found it, but still fighting with it, I will give it another try, emailed the tech.
  10. IINM, Ed Hamrick is a one-man show writing and maintaining VueScan - I've never emailed in for support so I'm curious what you'll get back from him.

    That being said, he comes out with something like 60 update versions per year, so it's definitely not a fly-by-night operation.
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