Epson Stylus 4000 auto paper cut

Nov 7, 2006
French Bay, on the shores of the Mighty Manukau Ha
Ive used my 4000 running on my old desktop Mac G-4 OS9 no problems, except for the
usual nonsense.Load problems the normal quirks.....
BUT, Ive always managed to get a successful print out.
Now , I downloaded the OS 10 drivers from the Epson USA site (I live in New Zealand) and am
running it on my Non Itel. iMacG5 2.ghz 1.5 gig o`ram and it works!
Now in my page set up I dont have 17 inch wide roll paper in the pull down selections.
I use Enhanced Matt paper in 17in.x 100 foot roll.
So Ive been printing then manually cutting, so I dont get consistant white border.
Is there a better way?:Dizzy:
How can I get roll paper with auto cut in to my page set up or other dialogue boxes?
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