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Equipment chasing and testing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by barry lloyd, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. barry lloyd

    barry lloyd

    Jun 12, 2007
    I don't post much on here but view the postings on a regular basis.

    I constantly notice members appear to be more interested in acquiring the latest must have camera/lens, or spend more time worrying about how sharp a lens is.

    Maybe its an American thing,but I just cannot understand why on earth nobody seems satisfied with what they already have. I do wonder if these so called photographers actually take any pictures at all?or just want to test/check/compare like for like.

    Ok its just my observation and no doubt any replies would be from those who fall into the above catagory.

  2. Well

    It is human nature... I am quite happy with the lenses I have, sharp enough for me no issues with front or back focusing - Bought the D300 then the D3 and couldn't be happier but... a small full frame camera is what I have been dreaming about for a long time... Ever since they started the rumors about the D3 and then tried the D3... Plu-ease... gimme a D300 with an FX sensor!!! :eek:  Purty please with a cherry on top *batting my eyelids* :biggrin:

    The D700 is that camera, for me it is, so yes I am guilty of wanting the greatest and latest "gizmo-widgetron" from Nikon. Do I need it..? Nope, do I want it - yes, Yes! YES!!!! Will I buy it..? Do you really need to ask... Sure, of course, but... will my photography improve with it - no, not one iota... I already did that with a lot of practice ... Well compared to what I was able to get, result wise, with the D2Hs... The D3 was a major improvement giving me better results on a consistent and increasing basis.

    Will it make me feel better to own a D700, yup... Could I be happy without it... Yes, simply because I am already happy, generally speaking - stuff does not make me happy, just makes things easier.

    Human nature... combined with the Internet... And all those new toys we see all the time, lust - just plain lust which rimes with nuts, just plain nuts... But hey, if you can afford it without sacrificing other important things why not?

    I spend my expandable income on camera and lenses... Some people spend their extra money on cars or boats... All money pits right... "?" It is all a matter of priorities, where you choose to put your money.

    This said I see people on this site getting better images than I do with consumer lenses and consumer cameras... The latest and greatest will not make me a better photographer, practice and learning will. Had I been a better photographer that D2Hs would have probably given me more enjoyment and satisfaction - the D3 gives me this satisfaction, not at first but now it does - it is a much better camera body for the way I shoot, more forgiving and easier to use.

    ... The results speak for themselves, I have become a better photographer overtime as well but, I still want the latest and greatest. The D3 will be with me longer than the D2Hs was... I still have the D2Hs but will sell it and the D300 to finance the D700 cause for me - that's a better camera body... For how I shoot.

    I went all nuts over lenses a while ago and got a true dream kit, I have a few more lenses I want (want not need) and will get them over time... Human nature is what it is. But yes... I spend a lot of time wanting the latest and greatest but in the end I probably take more pictures than most people out there on a yearly basis, last year I counted was in 2006... I took about 72,000 ... give or take 500... In 2007 six months in I had captured about 66,000 images... All the while worrying about getting the latest and greatest camera bodies and lenses....

    This year - don't ask - I do take less pictures than before - I worry more about composition and exposure than I ever did but man oh man... Do I ever take a lot of pictures so much so that when I am with family and friends I now get the usual "enough is enough" gesture...

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    And I get it a lot... and from everyone

    View attachment 226127

    But when friends, clients and family look at the results they are happy to get those pictures. :biggrin: This in turn drives me to acquire what will enable me to get the best possible images, memories if you will, bet it software, cameras, flashes, strobes and lenses ... In the end it is all about the people and places we share (as well as earning a pay check to pay the bills) Could I do it all with a D70s and 18-70 kit lens... Yes, but would I get the same images (no) with the same confidence and certainty they will turn up the way I want? (no) With the same ease as I have now in quickly changing settings? (no) With the same flexibility (no) Would I be as happy with a D70s and 18-70 kit lens? (yes) Would I still want a D3 if I did not have one (yes) Did I ever imagine myself with a pro-body like a D2Hs or D3 and a huge lens kit (no... not even in my wildest dreams back then...)

    Do I need to re-assess my focus? (I already did that) I already decided I wanted a D700 and a few other lenses, when the funds are available I will buy them - until then I am happy with what I have, I do not need to constantly think about it. :biggrin: My focus is capturing a moment, many moments and images and learning the techniques and tools which enables me to do so. That's the nature of photography isn't it?
  3. I am NOT within that category but I am in total agreement with your comments.
    I remember when we had to push Tri-X to its limits by using very high ISO as an EI and I remember how satisfied we were with the grain. Photographers were not very happy going beyond ISO 400. Today the images from a sensor at 3200 ISO have to be perfect to satisfy many photographers.
    Yes, it seems many photographers want only the "best" and the latest. I know of a very successful photographer here in Miami who only uses a pair of D100!
    I have said before that Technology helps, but it does not take pictures. I have been criticized for my statement but it is the truth. Some photographers believe that nothing but the latest and the "best" will do.
    I wish the new cameras will make me a better photographer but they will not. I wish the best lenses will make my images better but they will not unless I use sound photographic techniques. The guy behind the camera and lens seems to be what really matters.
    I mostly use old cameras and lenses and they are more than enough for my humble skills.
    William Rodriguez
    Miami, Florida.
  4. I like to be on the backend of inovation,last years camera of the year the D300 is selling for $1650 new.I'm sure it will fall more as the year comes to a end.Things are changing so fast in Digital Photography that you can be like a dog chasing his tail.Type A, type B personality,
    buyers, sellers, thats what keeps the economy going.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 24, 2008
  5. The only thing I find perculiar is how so many people seem to "NEED" a D700, as if it's a requirement for them to further their career. If that body was that important, then why weren't they shooting the 5D 3 years ago?
  6. adaml


    Feb 21, 2006
    Your comments smack of envy!

    I actually do take pictures, but I also enjoy learning about new equipment and buying when I can. Maybe it is "an American thing" but I notice that there are many posters from around the globe, including many from the UK, who enjoy their photography and their equipment.

    If you thought it through, instead of making your obviously critical "observation", you would realize that you owe those of us who purchase the latest and greatest equipment a debt of gratitude. It's those purchases that fund the constant improvements in technology and drive down the cost of that technology so that you contented people can purchase the latest and greatest when you finally decide to.

    Just my observation.
  7. If his comments "smack of Envy" yours Smack of "Snobery"
    I'm sorry i didn't get envy from the original post.I guess I have to buy a Hasselblad H3D-39 $31,994.95 let the envy begin.
  8. Even though I enjoy the hobby, I have not the income to keep up with the latest/greatest. I have slowly over the past 3.5 years of this been building up my meager lens collection to the point where I have very good glass. Now it's time to think of a new camera body (I still shoot the D70s!!! my original DSLR). I would love to have the D700 to go FF, esp. as it's my desire to shoot weddings on the side... but that might be impractical for a while longer, so it will probably be the D300 by the end of the year. I have never been one to test my lenses, other than by simply using them (although I have begun to wonder lately about my 17-55 being as sharp as it could be). As to people always wanting more, more, better, better, I say, let 'em! It's none of my business what they spend their hard earned money on... yes I see a "must keep up with the other guy" mentality, but that's no skin off my nose! Besides, it tends to drive prices down and put more lightly used good equipment on the market for more modest folks like myself. A win-win for all, I'd say! :smile:
  9. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    I actually DO need that additional dynamic range and iso performance the D700 offers. I can't afford a D3. I didn't switch to a Canon because I don't earn enough income from photography to justify the THOUSANDS of dollars it would have cost me to swap gear. Trust me, Art Morris has tried more than once to get me to switch! He's a pushy Canon advocate, too - believe me!

    There are people present in EVERY hobby/activity/passion/pastime/etc that are gear heads. The question begs; why does it bother you?
  10. this thread is funny
    very funny

    a lot of good points on BOTH sides of the "issue."
    one thing is for sure.....

    always being interested in WHAT else is out there... is NOT an "AMERICAN" thing, Bazza
    what you had to say is fine
    THAT particular comment is a bit offensive, i think

    i take tons of pictures
    but... i like having the best of what i can afford
    that isn't being a snob

    i have worked a LIFETIME to get where i am today
    to be able to afford my passions and hobbies
    and i won't apologize for that

    after paying off over $120,000.00 in student loans....
    ALWAYS ON TIME... every dime owed
    it's just something i enjoy

    what is point in all of this?
    that.... if we want to sit around and discuss what is the best lens
    and all that
    it is, afterall, what these forums are for, in the first place
    as well as sharing pictures

    i mean you no disrespect
    you have a very good point

    i just wanted to offer you MY side of the story
  11. Greg, completely agree with your position.

    I will also say that I and probably many of us, enjoy investigating new technology, I purchase some, but frankly, just like keeping up on what's new....for no other reason than interest. Sometimes it's something I feel will help me....other times its just interesting to discuss the advance of technology in the spirit of innovation.

  12. The question I always ask myself before buying gear, is "If I buy this, will it increase my revenue?" if the answer is not a Definate YES, then I don't buy it.
  13. barry lloyd

    barry lloyd

    Jun 12, 2007
    The only reason I said MAYBE its an American thing is because 99% of the members here are from America.

    As for being envious that is a definate NO, I am quite happy with what I have at present, should I wish to acquire better equipment then I have the means to do it.

    I would suggest that the "for sale" thread just proves my point.

    As for those making purchases in the belief that it improves funding for developement might just like to look at it from the other side of the coin. If new products wern't eagerly grabbed by the must haves, then to enable camera manufacturers to sell the products the price would have to fall for the benefit of everyone. Artificially high prices are only maintained in whatever product due to those who must have the latest. If a product doesn't sell as the manufactures hope then the price gets reduced to a level when people will buy.

  14. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    Thanks for sharing! :tongue:

    Seriously, though... Seems as though people who may be gearheads really get under the skin of some others. Just seems a silly thing to be upset about. Buy it/don't buy it. I could not care less what others are shooting with. I buy what works for me. I can only assume the majority of long term photographers use the same rule...
  15. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC

    So you're suggesting that gearheads are responsible for high prices and lack of availability? That's interesting logic, but flawed - at least from the standpoint of high prices. The primarily responsible party is (in this case) Nikon. I can assure you that if Nikon develops a product that doesn't meet intro quarter projections, prices WON'T come down - more likely the product will quickly be discontinued or updated. Now, with regard to supply/demand; this is where the artificial barrier exisits. Nikon repeatedly UNDER delivers products at intro. THIS is what initially keeps the price and demand high. Granted, gearheads tap the resource and put additional strain on availability, but the system Nikon has implemented is hardly their fault.

    Bottom line - accept it as part of the Nikon lifestyle, or move on. Complaining about people buying products they may want and not need borders on absurd.
  16. barry lloyd

    barry lloyd

    Jun 12, 2007
    If you notice I am careful in how I write so as not to offend anyone in particular. How its read is a completely different matter. For example I never mentioned quote "lack of availability" or even mentioned the name "gearheads".
    Everyone has a right to their own opinion and as I said in my initial post its just my observation after seeing the "sale" thread, where, for one example, the D300 was being sold second hand only a short time after it was released.

    At least my initial posting has drawn out members to voice their own ideas and thoughts on the subject and I welcome all posts be it for or against.

    Thank you
  17. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA

    You might want to scroll down the front page and check out the Picture Galleries and the Special Sessions Galleries.

    Look close enough and you'll notice there are at least twice as many posts there than there are in the Lighting, Flash, Cameras and Gear, Technical Discussion, and Lens Lust forums combined.

    Even if you assume all the posts in the gear forums are about NAS or lens lust or whatever you want to call it, I'd still have to draw the conclusion that our members are more interested in photography than "acquiring the latest must have camera/lens, or spend more time worrying about how sharp a lens is." Or at least they spend more time discussing images than hardware.

    Just an observation....
  18. Taylor


    May 21, 2007
    Toronto, ON
    This thread is gonna get locked... I know it ;) 
  19. LOL
    about the locking
    it's just another controversial topic that comes up for discussion every once in a while
    it's a healthy discussion, i suppose
  20. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    thought the same thing Taylor
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