Errr.... MLU + Self-Timer ?

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  1. Hi all ! I just can't find if there is a way to combine Mirror Lock-Up and Self-Timer (with a D200), to avoid at the maximum the chances of "bouge" ?

    Any idea if it's possible ?

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  2. I don't think so; since the timer is capable of one shutter actuation and MLU requires two actuations (mirror up and then shutter release), I don't think it will work that way.
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    The best you can do is use the Exposure Delay custom setting in the menu along with self-timer. With this custom setting, the exposure will happen a half second or so after the mirror flips up. It may not be quite as good as true MLU depending on your shutter speed, but it's better than nothing.

    You can also just use MLU and press the shutter release once. If you don't press it again in 30 seconds it will go ahead and take the exposure. But this would be a pretty slow way to work, and you wouldn't have any control over _when_ the exposure happens (for instance, if waiting for the wind to die down).
  4. Hi Sean and Jeff !

    Thanks for trying to help :dunce: !

    I eventually also found that trick of waiting 30 seconds for the camera automatically shoot and release the mirror in Thom Hogan's E-book !

    ...i'll try the combination of Exposure Delay to, or BUY an MC-20 or MC-36 !

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