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Ever met a Nikon you didn't like?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeff Mims, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far away.....
    I was a member of a BBS called Photoforum on Compuserve. (anybody remember them).
    There was a gentleman there, named Arthur Kramer (wrote for POP Photo and maybe Modern before that).
    Anyway, he used to have a saying;
    No one was ever sorry they bought a Nikon. I'd found that to be largely true.
    The only Nikon I ever tried, but for some reason...just didn't like..was the Nikon FA.
    I understand it was a very popular camera, but I just never enjoyed using it.
    I bought an 8008 which I liked a lot, till I got ahold of an F4, but that's a different story.
    I'm glad that we have such a choice of quality lines to choose from, namely Canon and Nikon. I am of course in the Nikon system, but I hope Canon continues to do well. Nothing like competition to help us end users.:biggrin:
  2. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Now, Nikon F3 is the one and only of the "pro" Nikons I never really came to grips with. I own several of them, but won't use any of them unless absolutely necessary (in an underwater housing, for example). They never felt "right" to me, and I still have that feeling 25 years after I first tried the F3. I was a big fan of the original Nikon F but these were stolen many years ago, and I never bothered to purchase new ones since the F2 already had appeared at that time.

    The Nikon F2, and in particular the Titan version, that's a totally different story - love at first sight. Unfortunately, with its lack of dioptre adjustments of the finder and the fact I no longer use film (well, almost never), my eyes cannot focus reliably with the ordinary finders and thus I have put all my 8 or 9 F2 cameras on a shelf just to enjoy the sight of them (I have all of the various models including the very rare F2 Data). Plus I use one or two with the huge 6X magnification finder to help focus my Multiphot systems, of course.
  3. Nikon 5700

    I'm sure there are several folks out there who will disagree with me, but I never cared much for the Coolpix 5700. I've had three Coolpix cameras (775, 4300, 5700) and now two DSLRs (D70 and D70s). The only one that sits on the shelf and is never used is the 5700.

    I bought it as an upgrade from the 4300, expecting near-DSLR performance in a compact body. While I did get some good pictures with it, it was always a bit painful to use. Too many of the settings have to be accessed through the menus, which are not visible outdoors on the LCD. Sure, you can see them in the viewfinder, but then you can't see to find the buttons and knobs to make changes! It is very slow to take the first picture after turn-on, slow to focus, and the manual focus is a joke. All-in-all, a flawed product, in my opinion.

    Anybody want to buy one?
  4. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    I actually liked the F3...well, the F3Hp version. Perhaps If I'd used the F/F2 beforehand I might have felt different. Of course I didn't get into SLRs until mid-80s. My first Nikon was a FG. That was actually a very nice camera, and even the E-Series lens wasn't bad. From there, I went to the FM2.
    I never cared for the FE2...don't know why..just didn't like it. Sort of like the FA. Those were just two Nikons I never warmed to.
    No matter, I had other choices.:smile:
  5. I shot with an F3HP for years and loved it. It is still in the family as I gave it to my daughter. A real workhorse.
  6. TheKO


    May 3, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    Actualy, back in the "old days," I was never really a fan of Nikon as they were to big and heavy for my use. I did a lot of back-packing and traveling with the militray. They just don't give you a whole bunch of room to pack! I also carried my camera with me in the cockpit - which also dictated a small camera.

    I was a Olympus OM-1 and OM-2 guy. Great camera, small, lighter and took great pictures with a very bright viewfinder.

    I became a Nikon addict when I decided to go digital and the D-70 appeared to fit me well - and I bought one.

    Haven't looked back since - and I don't think I shoot a roll of film since getting it.
  7. Well, I hope that we can talk about Nikon lenses (Nikkor) as well in this thread.

    First off, I am very happy with the Nikkors that I have (only have Nikkors).

    But, I have had two that I never cared for:
    - Ai Zoom-Nikkor 1:3.5 43 - 86mm: Never got a picture with it that I liked. I originally got it for my FM, tried it on my F4s and the D1x - never any good.

    - AF-Nikkor 28-105 mm f/3.5-4.5. I originally got this lens for my F80. Used it on my (then) D100 for a short while also. I understand that many are very happy with this lens, but I never cared for it. My biggest dissatisfaction was that it did not produce sharp pictures (for me).
  8. I love(d) my FA

    I ended up selling my F3 because I used the FA all the time.

    I still have the FA, but it is a shelf ornament.

    I wasn't cazy abou my old FTn. It was big and clunky, but still quite a camera in its day.

  9. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Frits :

    I had the same lens with the D100 at the start, and it made me incredibly unhappy. It could give passable results stopped well down, but it just didn't deliver near to what I wanted. I kept thinking that it was solely user error, but then I tried a couple of other lenses and found better results immediately. I went back and did side-by-side tests with the other lenses at various apertures and saw sizable differences in quality.

    Sometimes it is the lens ! To this day, I'm unsure if it was just a poor example of the lens or endemic to the specific lens type.

    John P.
  10. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi jeff-

    a used N4004s which came with the 50mm f/1.8, all for $50. slow camera, not much to recommend about it. probably a decent camera for its time, but not in 2004.

    i gave it to my cousin, who was happy to get his first AF SLR (he was also the recipient of my EM)

    the D1 was love at first hold. it fit my hands nicely, and i didn't think it could be improved upon until i held the D2H. can't wait to see the D3.

  11. shootman

    shootman Guest

    I once owned an F2A with a DA-1 Action Finder for my underwater housing. I loved, loved, loved that camera. Nothing sounded better at 1/125. The pure heft of that beast with a motor was a joy to pack around, until I bought my F3's. The ergonomics of the F3HP was butter in your hands and finally a viewfinder that was bright and easy focus. It is no wonder the F3 was the longest production pro body Nikon ever made, over 20 years. No other camera since and I'll predict, or in the future will match it's longevity.

    As for Nikon's that weren't up to snuff, I'd put the EM on that list. Although it did what was advertised it was a bit too weak IMHO to be a Nikon.
  12. rsimms


    Apr 30, 2005
    Redondo Beach, CA
    I didn't like the N60

    My Nikon history goes like this F3-(N60)-F100-D100-D2x. When I bought my first Nikon (the F3 was a hand-me-down) I originally purchased an N60 and hated it. It was just a weird camera, for example it had a Matrix Meter, but if you used the exposure lock the metering mode would switch to center-weighted without warning. It was also missing some things like a DOF preview and the ability to push/pull film. I had the camera for about two weeks and took in back to the store and got my F100 (which I love).

    It's funny that people mention the love/hate of the F3. My Dad bought an F3 new in 1980 and hated it, so it ended up as a hand-me-down to his 6yr old son (that's me). I was in love with that camera and I carried everywhere and shot with it everyday for next 15 yrs. I still have it and still shoot with it often.
  13. Mine was a Coolpix 5000. I got it from their first batch. It was uspposed to be my Christmas present. Of course I opened the box early and tried it out. The firmware had a bug that if you left the lens cap on and turned the camera on the lens going forward impinged on the filter and crashed the camera...D E A D. My Christmas present that year was an empty box (I'd sent the camera back for a free...but very long..repair). That was around 2000 when the new Coolpixes cost around a thousand dollars (which now cost about three hundred). I never really liked that particular style body. In a year I bought the D100 and never looked back.

    It still makes me sick to think of it.

  14. Good thread Jeff. I have liked all my Nikons except one. Back in the day I owned an F, then a pair of F2's, after that a pair of F3 HP's. Next in the film line up was the 8008 and then a brief stint with an F5. I shot more through the F2's and F3's than all others together and really liked them both. My first digital was a Coolpix 990 and I just didn't like the camera. In fact it turned me off to digital for a year or so. I had an F5 a few months back thinking I may want to shoot some film. It sat in the bag and I finally sold it. I had a short move to Olympus and the E1 and then back to Nikon after handling a D2X. My all time favorite is my D2X ...... I love this camera.
  15. I'll agree with Pa here.
    My CP5700 was the only Nikon i've ever had that I didn't like.
    I hated the battery life. Dismal doesn't begin to describe it. I had FIVE batteries and 2 chargers, and it rarely seemed enough. I had so few shots that just 'popped'. My old CP885 did and still does seem to get a much better rate of genuine keepers.
    The camera was hard to hand-hold steadily IMO- at least at full telephoto :wink:
    It was not very responsive even then. And though I liked using it the EVF was worthless IMO.
    It was nice to have control- I learned a lot about photographic principles, external flash, and the various exposure modes.
    In the end, however, I sold it and was glad to get rid of it. Once the D70 came in, it was only useful for taking pictures of my camera in bad lighting. Now I do all that stuff with my F3 or a friend's camera :smile:
    On the positive side, nice lens range, nice intro to the command dial interface, and it was comfortable, sorta... for a kids hands anyways.
    The Getting the D70 was like a caveman getting fire for the first time compared to the 5700.
    Incidentally I love my F3....
  16. The D2H made me feel that way, but after paying itself 50x times. I've forgiven it for being such a stubborn son of Nikonia! hehe... :p 
  17. My Nikon 8008 served me well for years and is still rock solid. It sold me on Nikon value.

    I then bought a CP950 followed by a CP4500. 30 thousand digicam pics are on my hard drive to remind me how much I loved toting the handy little things around. The swivel design arguably was the greatest digicam design ever.

    After dropping the 4500 in a Gunnison county trout stream I bought a CP5400. It took great, sharp and saturated photos. I hated it. Terrible lag time. Lousy flash. Klunky feel. The real reason I felt it lacking was that I had, at the same time, discovered the magical 8008-like feel of a D100 and did not want to be bothered by the size and weight. One night, during a very long labor management in L&D I spent a lot of time playing with a D100 that a new about-to-be dad had bought. I was hooked. I traded the 40 day old 5400 in toward a D100 at Ritz in San Antonio for 100% credit.

    3 bodies and 14 Nikkors later they are a part of my life.

    BTW Nikon fixed the Colorado-stream-immersed CP4500 under warranty! The seemingly despised CP5400 wasn't that bad. The D100 is that good!:biggrin:
  18. Jonathan....if you'd have bought the D2H and sold your computer, would you have ever found the D2H unlikable. My D2H is still fantastic. It was only the naysayers on the forums that ever made my doubt its excellence.:Curved:

    BTW...it's hard to despise anything that pays for itself even once or twice....:biggrin:
  19. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    I agree about how much better the D70 was, though in my case, it wasn't a CP5700. It wasn't a Nikon at all..but a Canon digicam. Actually, the G6 was a very good camera, but my wife took possesion of it.:smile:
    But the D70, my first DSLR...wow!

    I hope I didn't sound like I didn't like the F3 (HP). I really did, and for some reason I sold it and bought something else. I can't even remember what now. Probably something AF. Boy do I regret selling that. My children could be using that camera today.:frown:
  20. Jeff Mims

    Jeff Mims

    May 25, 2005
    It's been my experience that no matter how good a camera is, there will always be naysayers. There was a guy back on compuserve, who, everytime, (literally) a new camera was announced..he would post critical messages about what was wrong with it. Always negative. I never saw him post a message about a camera he liked. There might have been one or two exceptions, but for the most part he had never handled or used the camera he was posting about. I found that very annoying.
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