EXIF editor - any recommendations ?

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  1. On our recent trip through Alaska, my wife and I were using two cameras and a Garmin GPS. I saved each day's GPS track in the folder with the pictures for that day, and was planning to coordinate them using the "Geosetter" software.

    Now I find that through my blunder, the clock on my D200 was set incorrectly by one day. I would like to be able to edit the Exif data for the D200 NEF files to increment the date by one day.

    Can anyone recommend software that will do this? I find some that will work on jpegs, but so far I see none for NEFs.
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  2. Thanks, Eugene, but it says it only works on jpeg files.

    Added in edit: it appears that Geosetter may be able to do this..
  3. You're welcome Jim. I had the same problem with my D70/D200 when I came back from Uganda and now I can sort my images on capture time and number sequentially.