EXIF mystery

Mar 25, 2005
near Montreal, Canada
Something has been bugging me (a bit, no biggie):

With my D2x, when I use a manual focus Ai(S) lens I will tell the camera which non-CPU lens is on. This is done by entering the focal length and the maximum aperture value.
Then the camera will display the correct f-stop on the LCD - so far so good.

However, in the EXIF it will then always show "maximum aperture" as being F1 - regardless of which Ai(S) lens I use.
Mind you, it would be nice to have a collection of F1 lenses :tongue:, but reality ain't so...

Why is the maximum aperture not correctly indicated in the EXIF file with MF lenses? Anything I should do?
Oct 7, 2006
My D200 indicates f/0 in the EXIF I think, I will have to check in a minute(I'm on my laptop now)
Dec 21, 2005
Central Virginia
Opanda and ACR report maximum lens apertures of F/1 in images shot with my D200 and 34/1.4 Ai-S or 105/2.5 Ai'd lens. I'm guessing the value of the maximum aperture field is determined from the lens chip rather than the maximum aperture set in the menu for non-CPU lenses. That would make sense, because that's got to be how the camera knows the maximum aperture and lens type for newer lenses with chips.

I wonder if this value and the lens type identifier are sent to EXIF when using a chipped Ai or Ai-S?
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