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Exotic Feathers

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Literally! This is an Asian Bar headed Goose! It was discovered at a pretty little park not too far from my house by a birding group, so I headed over this morning and found it! Now, aside from making the mistake of spot metering, I'd love to know what else should have been different. Today has been overcast and I may try to go out there again this evening. Both photos were shot from my car window and my 300mm was too close at times! That explains the clipped wings in the 2nd photo.

    D200 w/ 300mm f4 lens, ISO -400, 1/1500 sec F5.6, EV +.3, WB - auto
    Aperture priority

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    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2008
  2. they seem to be a bit far from Asia :) 
  3. LOL, tell me about it! Dunno how it got here, but it certainly makes for an interesting photo subject! Thanks for stopping by!
  4. Wonder if Ike dragged them in - or if they are just reallllly lost :) 

    beautiful birds though :)  I love finding the odd ones
  5. Look good to me Dianne, in the second shot it sure looks like its strutting its stuff!!
    Critique - park car further away from subject or ask subject to move back!!
  6. D200 w/ 300mm f4 lens, ISO -400, 1/1500 sec F5.6, EV +.3, WB - auto Aperture priority

    The bird is lighter in color than the background, so your metering system will try to overexpose it. Adusting the EV upwards just increased the amount of overexposure. I think EV -.3 would have been more appropriate.
  7. Dunno about Ike dragging him/her in, but yeah, me too on finding odd birds and critters!

    Thanks! We did park the car further back, it kept getting closer and apparently didn't understand English when asked to step back. :wink: I love the 2nd photo for the same reason. He/she was certainly animated!

    Thanks Uncle Frank! I just got back from trying another shot of the bird, but couldn't find it anywhere! Lesson learned and notes taken!

    Thanks guys for stopping by!
  8. BirdLady


    Jan 8, 2006
    Nice shots, Dianne! I like the second one!
  9. Thanks Debbie! I went back this afternoon but couldn't find it anywhere. I may go back tomorrow morning but depends on da hubby - we have in-laws comin and a dirty house to clean.
  10. Wow Dianne, almost like he was posing for you, looks like he has abit of snow goose/eagle head goose in him. beautiful capture.
    Kevin P.
  11. Thanks Kevin! He's definitely an exotic looking birdie! I was glad we spotted him - there were a lot of those big tractors mowing the grass and 1 of them came pretty close. Guess he saw me with camera and went in the other direction. I hope to get more photos of him soon! Thanks for stopping by!
  12. I like the 2nd better.
    Did you try some fill flash to get the catch light in the eye?
    The feathers ae lovely and it's a great capture.
  13. Thanks!!!!!! #2 is my favorite too! No, I didn't think about fill flash. I was worried about blowing highlights and losing too much detail. Sometimes, I don't know when and when not to use flash. I was just happy that I got photos as good as I did. I don't know how long that goose will be hanging around that park. And thanks again for stopping by.
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