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Expodisc - worth it or not?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Luckynp, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. I'm considering whether or not to get an expodisc to use with my D2X. I'd welcome to advice of more experienced people. I notice the price has recently dropped a little in the UK.

    I always shoot RAW, so I know I can adjust white balance in post processing, but I also know most people advise trying to get it right in camera. I use almost exclusively 17-55DX and 70-200VR, so one 77 mm expodisc will cover both.

    So what's the consensus? Worth it or not?
  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Hi Mike,

    I have never shot RAW files, only JPEG, but I will say that I really like what the EXPOdisk offers for setting WB. KenL offered his experiences with it and I went out and bought one for myself. It is particularly helpful when shooting sports in these dimly lit gyms/fieldhouses where a flash cannot be used. The colors that I maintain because of the disk are right on. I can only offer opinion as a JPEG shooter, someone that shoots RAW may have other ideas.
  3. When you say "Is it worth it" a lot depends on how you shoot with your camera. I have found it great for those varied light situations in gym's, auditorium's, houses, etc. I have put it to good use for school plays, musical performances, sporting events and even for outdoors in the shade. I do not regret my purchase.
  4. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. i would find it a distraction. I (unless the group PM's you otherwise) do not dind it difficult to calculate the white balance in my nature shots. Were I doing indoor or other venues i may look at this differently.
  6. Thanks for your responses and views.

    I would have to say especially to Paul that my awareness of these issues is quite poor, really. so I think I might find the expodisc quite useful. So far I've used the D2X on auto white balance most of the time (with an occasional use of a Pringles lid), but I can't help feeling that the camera deserves more from me.
  7. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  8. hir0

    hir0 Guest

    i actually made my own, and it works quite well. the material used was discovered by Tom Hicks from FM forum, and it costed me about $35 to make. it would be a lot cheaper, but hawaii shipping costs so much - and i couldn't find the material here. basically it is two 77mm UV filters with the material used inside. the material is a filter used in masks that painters use for painting. he says he's tried all kinds and this particular filter is 'the one'. it is made by 3M, and the model is 5P71 P95. some people say it gives them warm results, some say cool - personally, it's works really well for me. i just point it at the light source and set custom wb. it seems to be 'on the money' for me. you can find these at paint supply stores and if you look around - you may be able to find a place that sells them in singles for like $2 a peice. it's a little bigger than a 77mm filter in the fat end of the filter. just needs to be cut to fit inside.
  9. Hir0, Hello buddy :) 

    Welcome to Nikon Cafe. Don't forget to introduce yourself.
  10. He did - on August 10th. I just remember because I told Bob Overlock that there is an another Hawaiian member onboard.
  11. Thanks again everyone. This really is the place to come for help and advice. Paul, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I will try quick preset the very next time I am out.

    I'm signed on for the Nikon D2X course this Friday. Hopefully I will learn more about this and many other things.
  12. One is made with a pringles lid and one with the expo disc... any takers on which is which?? Personally, I use the pringles lid and I'm very happy with it. BTW this is NOT my pic but one from a website that was testing both these WB devices.
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  13. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  14. Yes, the pic on the right is the Expo, a touch warmer than I'd like, esp if you have a calibrated monitor and are looking at the strip at the bottom of the colour chart.
    Just as I discovered that Pringles lids work well, the Pringles company goes and changes their lids to almost clear plastic DAMN!!! I had two, gave one away to a photog buddy, so down to my last 77mm lid! LOL
  15. Someone should market a t shirt or a shoe of the correct grey colour.

    Then you could wear your grey card wherever you go! :biggrin:

    Personally I have a hard time paying much for a few pennies worth of plastic.
  16. Hey, Beezle, I've seen a ton of guys wearing grey Tshirts... not sure they were supposed to be grey but maybe they're just preparing them for photography!! LMAO Either that or they never learned how to do laundry properly.
  17. Hell folks

    I won't recommend one way or the other but will give you my experience. I mostly shoot landscapes and macro. To me with landscapes the color of the prevailing light is more important than the true color, in macro, generally, for me, the true color of the subject is more important. I tried the expodisk and it worked but I do not have issues with white balance under most circumstances. I do like to preset white balance when shooting macro however and I seem to most often shoot macro with a flash. With the expodisk you have to shoot into a mirror to preset white balance with a flash, at least that was recommended at the time. So, if I have to hold something in front of the camera to preset white balance it might just as well be a "grey card". I could see no difference in color between preseting with a grey card or expodisk and the grey card is easier for me. I hope this is helpful.

    Best Regards
    R. Bond
  18. I was ready to ask if someone could explain how to do this on the D70. I found it on page 52 of the manual. I tried the preset by using a gray TV, my indoor-available light photos just got better. I'm buying the expodisc.

    You guys are the best,
    Thanks, Greg

    ordered it, I can see this will eliminate a lot of Post-editing of color casts.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2005
  19. For mixed lighting situations, it is great. I'd get the warm version as the standard one leaves things a bit cool.
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