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Exposure and sharpening problems -altered the questions

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by Steinar, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Steinar


    Aug 16, 2007
    Below is the long story - I try to alter my questions this way here in a more "readerfriendly way" :

    The short

    1) Have anybody experienced exposure problems using the B4 -"easy exposure compensation" I got a lot of under- and overexposure, and maybe it was that ? (one other Nikon shooter have experienced that, therefore I ask)

    2) Why not use the Dynamic Range (the back on the camera - the middle focus) with the 51 point - 3 D all the time as the only way to focus.

    Here you can change the focus point.

    You do not get the automatically way , but so what, and as I se it - you have all the advantages - or do I miss something ?

    You do not have to read all the below - long story - only if you have experienced problems as mentioned in question 1) above..only then it is maybe interesting


    The long story

    Last day I did set the focus to the "top" on the back of the camera (big white rectangel - the "auto" ) and shot with my 14-24.

    At the same time I used B4 - "easy exposure compensation." I love that because I used it on the D200 (on that camera (D200) you could not set it that way, but you have to move around in the settings to get it), but that was really good for me - you could - as with B4 on D700 - "easy exposure compensation" - and using A-mode then at the same time - with the other wheel - alter your light easy, because you then alter the shutter speed.

    Marvellous feature.

    But I have troubles with under- and overexposure, and I did not get sharp pics.

    (I set sharpening to 4 (four places after 0), and tryed a lot in NX 2 to get it sharp)

    I wrote to Nikon and they said, that I should go to the repair shop and get the exposure problems and the sharpness problems fixed, but I do not have the time for that just now, because I have an assignment.

    After that I searched the net a lot and found this about exposure problems with the D700 (the black is me)

    "Second problem that occurred was that all of a sudden the exposures were way off – either very underexposed or very overexposed – and there was nothing I could do to get them right. Again, I checked this and I checked that, tried all the exposure Modes, and did a RESET Shooting Menu; all to no avail. I did notice that the little +/- on the LCD was blinking but I could not get it to stop (turned off Auto ISO and the Exposure Comp as well as a few other things) . The ridiculous D700 manual (even worse than its predecessors) was no help. Turning the camera off and even removing the battery did nothing to help the problem either. Finally, trying almost anything, I changed b4 Easy Exposure Compensation from OFF to Reset. All of sudden all was back to normal even though b4 would appear from its description to be irrelevant to the problem." "

    1) So now I try cancell this wonderfull feature and will try later (do not have the time right now) to shoot a lot again with the 14-24 - have any experienced the same ?

    Abut the missing sharpness

    Now to try some troubleshooting, I tryed at the same time to set the focus to the middle on the back - "Dynamic" ("cross hair" some calls it)
    and shot out of the window with the 14-24 and as I could se, the sharpness is OK again!! (that is not a good way to try it, I know - I have to shoot a lot more as I did, when I experienced the lack of exposure and lack of sharpness, but I do not have the time right now)

    2) My second question is: I have an assignment next week, and first after that I have time to go to the Nikon repair shop, but what is the advantage of the "big white rectangel" ("Auto") - the top switch on the back vs. the middle.

    I know the differences, that the "big white rectangel" automatically selects focus, and that the middle focus (Dynamic AF-area) switch you have to select yourself or lock it, and the 3D feature, but is there any advantage in getting great pics using the "big white rectangel" vs. the middle focus, when you select focus yourself or lock it in the middle ?

    I ask this, because some love the "big white rectangel" ("Auto") but I can not se anywhere, that there is any advantage there - beside the automatically - in getting things right in focus, but I can se the advantage in the middle focus (51 point - 3D at the same time) ??


    3) Why not use that focus - dynamic (the middle) all the time for everything ?

    Well, maybe to many words, hope you did not fell asleep :smile:

    Hope somebody with more experience with the D700 can answer the three questions

    Thank you.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2008
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