Exposure Bracketing

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Electromen, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I was shooting flowers with the 105 Micro VR using exposure bracketing.

    I had it set to 3F 0.3

    I was in Shutter priority hoping it would change f/stop and DOF, it did not change.

    Shutter Speed, f/stop an ISO stayed the same on all three shots

    Exposure Comp changed: -0.3, 0, +0.3

    What is the camera using to change exposure?

    thanks, Greg
  2. when the mirror flips up and you no longer see the flower, Nikon changes flowers on you......sorry, just woke up, too much coffee.....
  3. I'm not sure anyone knows how Ex. Comp works.

    I thought maybe sensor amplification, but that's how digital ISO is described.

    Maybe it's still sensor amplification with a different term to describe it.
  4. Wow. If the f-stop, ISO, and shutter all remained the same, it's hard to see how any compensation was taking place. Were you able to see any exposure differences in the 3 shots?
  5. Yes, all three shots have visually different exposures.
    EXIF data shows the only thing changing is Exp. Comp.
    Since F/stop was constant DOF did not change.
  6. Greg,

    Did the meter show different values before you took each shot?

  7. I don't know, I had it set to continuous shooting and shot three shots in one second. I'll try it again taking one shot at a time.
  8. I must be goofy.

    I tried it again, this time the settings were:
    S priority
    Exposure bracketing 3F, 1.0

    F/stop changed from f/13, f/18, f/9
    and DOF also changed.

    Sorry to waste your time.
    It's working the way I want.

    thanks for your help,
  9. Whew! I was thinking we would have to settle on Ditto's explanation for the lack of a better "model". :biggrin:
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