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Exposure Manager and other processing sites

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Voyager1968, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Do they all charge you for the new year without even contacting you to find out if you want to remain with them? My one year anniversary slipped my mind due to a family crisis, and today I find out they billed my credit card for $99.95 over the weekend. I need to opt out of this as, 1) I hardly ever use it and 2) I need all available funds for travel and other expenses. I really hope they will credit my account and allow me to terminate my account with them.

    Really though, I think these companies should send an e-mail or other contact to see if you still want to be a customer or client before they just automatically charge your credit card. Needless to say, I'm not particularly happy about this.
  2. most sites do send me a note that it's coming, can't recall if they did or not....
  3. Annual recurring charges are pretty normal- I'm sure that most places would rather get the revenue from people who forget then don't bother than warn off potential renewals even if it's better customer service to do so!

  4. NateS


    Oct 11, 2007
    Pretty common. When I had EM, they sent me probably 2 different emails about the automatic renewal. I think the first email was 2 months in advance and another about a month out.

    I upgraded/renewed my zenfolio before the year was up so I'm not sure if it is automatic though.
  5. I will give kudos to the EM team. I sent them an e-mail stating that due to my father's cancer, and the resulting trips to Arizona that are in my future. I wouldn't be able to keep the account. They promptly returned my e-mail with an apology about my dad's condition and a credit to my account. For sure, if I ever need a photo service, I will go back to them.
  6. My dad went through prostrate cancer last year- I hope yours is equally curable. Don't do what I did and ask your dad if his surgeon is a "morning person" at 7am the day of the surgery when they're doing prep- I think the joke wasn't appreciated because he actually DID ask!

    Any good photo spots in Tamaqua?

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